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Richard Sauerman

Richard Sauerman

Richard believes that the largest source of organisational value are the intangibles - values, personality, trust, reputation, loyalty, commitment, ideas and strategy. Richard looks to how we walk the talk by living and breathing our values.

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Testimonials for Richard Sauerman

Richard, everyone still hasn't stopped talking about your presentation - it certainly did add magic to our National Sales & Marketing Conference. Inspiring, motivating, interesting, informative and you'll be pleased to know that you scored very high points on feedback form.



Richard achieved an excellence score of 4.86/5, the best score of the conference by a long way.

Mastering SAP Conference


Great session, taking people out of their comfort zone, forcing us to look at things from a different perspective.

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide


 You were an inspiration to the team, and from the feedback I have received they now come to work with a very different view of the world. They are more animated and confident and this is undoubtedly the result of the way in which you have helped them realise that it is those individual and intangible qualities that make the difference between doing well and doing brilliantly. 

British Telecom


We thought Richard was great, we have a younger demographic in the sales teams and he resonated with them.  I always think you can tell the strength of a message by the number of people that come down at the end to say thank you to the speaker, Richard had many of our staff approach him. The message was relevant and has definitely started a conversation within our business.

Fitness First

Richard Sauerman Travels from NSW
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Richard Sauerman's Biography

Richard Sauerman is ‘The Brand Guy’, a bloke who uses brand to help companies and people create the world they want to succeed in.


Through keynote and workshop presentations I speak on Brand, People and Communication at conferences and seminars, and I run a Strategy Design Communication company with my designer mate Nick Beckhurst, called Brandcraft.


My brand expertise stemmed from working in the ad industry for 20 years - Saatchi & Saatchi London, Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, McCann-Erickson - where I did the strategic thinking and brand planning for some of the world’s most iconic brands and companies viz. Cola-Cola, Microsoft, Levis, Streets, Nescafe, Toyota, Campbell's, MasterCard.


In 2003 I expanded my ‘brand’ area of focus beyond marketing, into all areas of the organisation = CEO, Executive Team, HR, Learning & Development, Internal Communications. I believe that brand is a management issue, not a marketing concept, and everything can and must be driven by and aligned to your brand strategy - your business strategy, your products and services, your culture, your people, your marketplace positioning, as well as [not just] your communications.


The way I do branding that connects with and engages people is based on positive psychology. My approach is to feed the hungry spirit people have for their lives and their work. Companies I have worked for in this way include Vodafone, Macquarie Bank, QBE, Bayer, Clayton Utz, CSIRO, Mortgage Choice, Challenger, Charter Hall, Clayton Utz, and PwC.


I recently published my second book, "Are You Living Your Resume Or Your Eulogy?" It’s a wake up call for people and workers who are dissatisfied with their lives, often even in the face of their ‘success’.


Richard is a master of the Intangible Value. In other words, Richard is a brand expert. His acquired his expertise working in the advertising industry, where he worked on some of the world's greatest brands including Microsoft, Vodafone, Mastercard and Nescafe.


 Richard believes that the largest source of organisational value are the intangibles - values, personality, trust, reputation, loyalty, commitment, ideas and strategy. Richard looks to how we walk the talk by living and breathing our values. What are the attributes of extraordinary leadership? How do businesses deliver amazing customer service? What are the attributes of a peak performer? 


Richard shows that the key to accessing the full potential of yourself, your people, your brand, and your business is to act and behave from every part of yourself (ie: your left and right brain). All his work, the way he taps into the intangible value, is about tapping in to the full person; the full potential.

Speaking Topics Include

Brand You –Stepping out of your comfort zone to give your full potential! How to stand out in a sea of sameness and live a life you love.


A Brand New World -How to use your brand to create the future of your business


Culture -How to motivate your people to move mountains


On Brands -How to create brands that people love


Not Business As Usual -How to break old habits and think differently


Customer Intimacy -How to seduce and 'wow!' your customers


Creativity 1.0 -How to make creativity a daily habit


Leadership -How to be an extra-ordinary leader