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Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver is an expert on cultural and organisational transformation, human development, leadership, creativity and innovation. His presentations are passionate and informative and very well received by his clients.

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Testimonials for Richard Gerver

Richard is truly sensational. Everything went very smoothly and he received rave reviews from the delegates.
London Borough of Sutton and Merton

Absolutely brilliant keynote speaker! Richard inspired us all and opened up lots of possibilities in people’s minds
West Sussex Council

Your session has led to a total change of direction... The fact that you can inspire so many others in such a short space of time is just brilliant.
Hampshire Local Authority School Improvement Cluster
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Richard Gerver's Biography

Richard Gerver is an expert on cultural and organisational transformation, human development, leadership, creativity and innovation. His presentations are passionate and informative and very well received by his clients.  

Richard Gerver has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation. He argues, however, that great leadership is about serving the needs of the people that work for you and rely upon you. The three core principles that underpin Gerver's philosophy are communication, empowerment and impact.  

Gerver began his working life as an actor who worked as an advertising copywriter to make ends meet. He began a teaching career in 1992 and rose through the ranks fast being identified by the school's inspectorate in 1997 as one of the most outstanding teachers in the country. By 2005, he had won the prestigious School Head Teacher of the Year Award at the British National Teaching Awards for his work in leading a school on the brink of closure to becoming one of the most innovative in the world. Gerver developed his organisational philosophy of living, learning and laughing which reached his full development during his time as Head Teacher.

By 2003, Gerver was working with Tony Blair's Government as an advisor on education policy. In 2006, his work was celebrated at The UNESCO World Arts Education Conference in Lisbon, Portugal and in the same year he was invited to Shanghai to speak about education transformation to members of the Chinese Government.

Gerver's work and philosophy have been widely reported in the media from the US to Russia, Australia to The Netherlands. His globally best-selling book, Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today, published by Bloomsbury, has become a seminal text in the development of education vision around the world.

His expertise takes him around the globe and he works on every continent focusing on education, leadership, change and human capacity. He not only works across all elements of the education sector, but also with major organisations as diverse as: Google, Microsoft, Puig, Telefonica, Harrods and Morgan Stanley. His major new book Change; Learn to Love it, Learn to Lead It, was published in June 2013 by Portfolio Penguin and deals with the complexities of personal and professional change in the 21st century.

Gerver works closely with Sir Ken Robinson who cites Richard as one of the world's most exceptional educators; he features in Robinson's best-selling book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. He also works as an author and media commentator and is a regular contributor in the British and Spanish print media; having written for The Times and The Daily Telegraph, as well as regularly appearing on the BBC. An episode of Redes, made for Spanish television about his work, is one of the most viewed in the Spanish speaking world.

His passion, expertise, narrative style and humour mean that his presentations are in huge demand and inspire audiences wherever he travels.  

His speeches are highly engaging and can be tailor made for a client around topics including;  
Change Creativity and Innovation
Human Development
The Future of Education

Speaking Topics Include

The New Education Age: It's more about the future and less about the past

Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it – Ancient African proverb

The mass education system that the vast majority of us experience was created for a different time and place; it was created to control and maintain structures, systems and stability. For generations it worked reasonably efficiently; people knew what routes led to what kind of lives; professional, blue or white collar. An education that led to a higher qualification guaranteed certain opportunities and life choices for example.

Times have changed; economic shifts, social and environmental upheaval and most importantly the rise and exponential development of new technologies have left society breathless and ill prepared for the challenges that face our local, national and global futures.

Education defines the success of a society’s ability to control and manage change yet education has changed little since the extraordinary shift in the way life is led in the 21st century, as a result we are caught in a world where people are scared and often paralysed by the prospect of change, we are being overwhelmed by crises of global proportions around the economy, the environment and socio ethnic cohesion.


The world has created the most sophisticated generation of consumers we have ever seen; the “on demand” generation. To them, much of what the formal education system offers is out-dated and irrelevant. If we are to prepare our children for their futures, education needs to radically rethink its purpose, its approach and its values. In his keynote presentation, Richard Gerver will explore the challenges we face, the questions we need to ask and the routes we need to take if our legacy for our young is to be one of success and empowerment.


Lead Happy!

Recent surveys of employee satisfaction in both the US and Europe show that most people see happiness rather than financial reward as the most important factor in their working lives, citing shared, clear and tangible vision and values as the crucial defining factors. At the heart of any successful leadership and management strategy must be a sense of empowerment felt by every member of the team; that starts with a strong shared and implemented vision. In this speech Richard shares his experience of leading and managing vision development and transforming organisations through employee empowerment.


Schools for the 21st Century

“Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it” – Ancient African Proverb

In his keynote Richard will urge us all to focus in on our moral imperative as educators; to prepare our children for their futures. He will explore the challenges that our students face now and in their adult lives, challenging us to look beyond conventional thinking and practice and to ask questions of a new paradigm; he will highlight the need for leadership, a new type of strategic thinking and a new professional mindset. He will look at the notions of creativity, risk, skills and knowledge and will share his thoughts on how we make learning matter to the most sophisticated generation of consumers the world has ever produced. Richard believes in practice not theory and as such, will also share some of the work he and his staff developed at the world famous Grange School. The keynote will explore new ideas and thinking linking the future of education with organisations such as Pixar and Harley Davidson. Provocative, amusing and dynamic; Richard’s presentation will leave people with challenging and inspirational pathways for the educational journey ahead.


Culture Shock!: How to Lead Organisational Change


This can be delivered as a workshop or a keynote.

In a world obsessed with outcomes, where everything is high risk, high speed and high pressure; how can we even begin to lead our teams through times of accelerating change? How do we find ways to communicate, empower and explore new approaches?

This dynamic and interactive masterclass will be facilitated by former educator and school leader Richard Gerver. He will explore the key themes of future visioning, development and leadership, using his experiences of leading a complex organisation on the verge of failure through a massive cultural shift to a point of global recognition.


Learn how to provide the vision and the rationale for change through effective leadership techniques.

Discover how to help your staff regain their childhood creativity, imagination and enthusiasm.

Find out how to create and maintain an energetic, dynamic, flexible and adaptable culture.


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