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Rob Hamill

Rob Hamill

A marathon rowing champion, Rob Hamill is one of New Zealand’s great sportsman’s. A highly sought after keynote speaker, Rob’s passion and enthusiasm leaves audiences empowered.

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Testimonials for Rob Hamill

He has the rare ability to be able to relate his personal insights to issues facing people in business today. He used his story to emphasise the importance of teamwork, planning and communication.
Telecom New Zealand Limited  

Your easy listening and humorous style provided us with great insight into the planning, preparation and successful execution of a truly ambitious goal.
Lumley Life, Australia  

You certainly ‘showed’ us along with the rest of the world, that challenges bigger than we could believe in, are achievable.

You really captured the imagination and attention of those people and left them feeling inspired and humbled by your amazing achievements.
Communication Action

Once again I really appreciate the professional, hilarious and poignant way you spoke.
Don Lord, Director Hagar  

Your presentation engaged our group from the very start, and your personal comments, coupled with your well constructed audiovisual presentation, enthused and motivated my team - even to the extent that I overheard a number working out how they might put together a team for the inaugural Trans Tasman race!! Your message around the challenges you have faced (exceptional  ones which you made sound normal !) especially with the trans Atlantic Rowing Race, inspired us all in a way that we could relate those efforts to changes to make in our own work (and personal) lives to become more effective in achieving goals.
Bruce Horsley – Group Manager Apprentice Training
Rob Hamill Travels from NSW
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Rob Hamill's Biography

A marathon rowing champion, Rob Hamill is one of New Zealand’s great sportsman’s.  A highly sought after keynote speaker, Rob’s passion and enthusiasm leaves audiences empowered.   

'An extraordinary mental and physical effort - something very, very special' is how Sir Peter Blake described Rob Hamill and the late Phil Stubbs' incredible achievement in winning the inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race.  

Rob Hamill has been an International rowing representative for 19 years. His numerous rowing achievements include a silver at the World Championships, Commonwealth gold and a world record on the indoor rowing machine.  

Rob rowed at the Atlanta Olympics and published The Naked Rower, a fascinating account of how he and Phil Stubbs captured headlines around the world by winning the grueling and inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race in 41 days. He then led teams to successful defenses in the next two editions for a three-peat of victories.  

Rob's latest project was a rowing expedition across the Tasman Sea that was completed January 2012 and a related campaign to seed the world's largest human made coral reef. Next on the list is the first ever rowing race across the Pacific!  

Ambitious goal-setting, teamwork and overcoming adversity in multiple Atlantic Rowing Race campaigns is the spine of Rob's presentations, accompanied by the challenge of following his brother Kerry's journey into Cambodia's Khmer Rouge genocide, the subject of the acclaimed and award-winning documentary Brother Number One. Rob's account is a powerful and inspiring message on tenacity, hope, love and the last human freedom: the power to choose your attitude and how you respond to any given situation.  

The humour, the insights and the emotional turning points have audiences spellbound.   Rob will inspire you to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be, to take on new challenges, overcome hardship against the odds, and know that with passion, anything is possible. He proves that it doesn't hurt to be just a little bit crazy too!  

Rob's life is about following the dream, decision making, commitment, team building, goal setting, planning, focus, determination, positive thinking and, of course, winning!   Rob leaves his audience on a high – the presentation challenges individuals to think about things differently and sharing his belief that with passion, anything is possible and that goes for all walks of life.

Speaking Topics Include

Anything is Possible
Anchor to the Goal
The Winning Edge
Teamwork to the Top
Dreams are like window shopping; if you don’t make a decision and act on it that’s all it will be. If you fall over and keep getting up you can’t lose.