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Rob Redenbach

Rob Redenbach

Rob Redenbach is a professional speaker and successful author. An expert in conflict negotiation, leadership, high performance in individuals and teams and adapting to change, Rob delivers tailored keynotes and workshops to many businesses and corporations.

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Testimonials for Rob Redenbach

Not only did the audience come away with some fantastic tools, but the presentation enabled our conference to end with a real buzz.

Commonwealth Bank


A powerful presentation that every business owner could identify with.

Fuji Xerox


The messaging was spot on and really tied in with the overall theme of the meeting.

Johnson & Johnson


Relevant, compelling and drove home the real work that needs to be done.

Queensland Rail


Excellent delivery. Excellent examples. Excellent engagement.



Everyone could relate to the message and take away learnings.


Rob Redenbach Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Rob Redenbach's Biography

Rob Redenbach is a professional speaker and successful author.  An expert in conflict negotiation, leadership, high performance in individuals and teams and adapting to change, Rob delivers tailored keynotes and workshops to many businesses and corporations.  

Mediation is a process by which a neutral third party called a mediator helps people in conflict negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. Although mediation is effective, it remains a reactive solution. Rob Redenbach established Empowered Mediation with the goal of helping leaders to proactively enhance teamwork and cooperation.  

Rob Redenbach offers business groups and corporations unique insights into leadership, benefiting from change and dealing with pressure. Drawing from experiences that include working with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and providing risk-management services in the Middle East, Rob’s workshops and executive retreats build strong teams and resilient leaders – simultaneously.  

A Nationally Accredited Mediator and a successful author, Rob has been featured in a range of media outlets, including: The Financial Review, the ABC’s Midday Report and Sky News Business.  

His academic qualifications include a Master of Arts (with Distinction) in Terrorism, Safety and Security from Charles Sturt University. He has also studied post-graduate law at Bond University’s Dispute Resolution Centre and completed Executive Education at Harvard Kennedy School of Government in the United States.  

Based on Australia’s Gold Coast, Rob works with leaders and high-performing teams nationally and internationally. In addition to writing and facilitating a major leadership program for one of the world’s largest blue-chip companies, Rob has also spoken at more than 500 conferences – including the prestigious YPO Global Leadership Summit in Singapore – and been featured in a variety of mediums, including; the ABC’s Midday Report, The Financial Review and Sky News Business.

Combining academic rigor with practical experience that includes taking part in drug raids with the FBI in Los Angeles, consulting to the British SAS and providing security services to aid-workers in Kenya, Iraq and Afghanistan, Rob has successfully transferred the strategies of elite security to business and every-day life.

Speaking Topics Include

3-Tiered Leadership
Aim: To provide leaders and mentors with the strategies needed to lead themselves and others in a way that is productive, ethical and sustainable. Leading ‘beyond rank’ and influencing on three tiers – i.e. peers, subordinates and superiors – is a consistent hallmark of an effective leader. Built on the foundation that all effective leadership begins with self-leadership, 3-Tiered Leadership acknowledges that good leaders require more than a title, a qualification or a certain number of years’ service. With this reality in mind, 3-Tiered Leadership challenges participants to re-evaluate their assumptions about leadership while simultaneously equipping them with practical techniques needed to make a positive difference.

7 Secrets for Dealing with People – communication skills for overcoming objections, resolving conflict and improving cooperation - Keynote or Workshop
Most people, at least most reasonable people, don't want to deal with someone who is difficult. And yet, difficult people exist. They exist at work, at home and within teams. Wouldn't it be great to be able to deal with difficult people under your terms? Imagine if you could communicate in a way that overcame objections, resolved conflict and improved cooperation. Well, you can.


One Step Ahead- Keynote

One Step Ahead brings to life Rob’s autobiography, Waveman, which Peter FitzSimons of the Sydney Morning Herald described as ‘A tour de force!’

With a message that crosses industries and demographics, One Step Ahead uses humour and high levels of audience engagement to demonstrate that effective leaders don’t have to be the smartest person in the room . . . they just have to be smart enough not to let their ego get in the way of a good result.


Resilience Rules – The Key to Long-term Sustainability - Workshop

Resilience, i.e. the ability to recover from or adjust quickly to misfortune or change, is a consistent hallmark of outstanding leaders. At a group level, resilience is also a key attribute of high-performance teams. Whether it involves staying focused during a difficult conversation or keeping your cool when circumstances seem beyond your control, resilience is the key to long-term sustainability – in business and in life.

Resilience Rules examines the physiology of stress while exploring the premise that leadership of others begins with leadership of self.


 Stagecraft of Success – Moving from Average to Excellent - Workshop

Few things will impact your career more quickly than your ability (or inability) to speak in public. Unfortunately, too many people focus on the wrong things when delivering a speech. Common errors include: reading a typed speech out loud or believing PowerPoint will engage an audience. Another common error is thinking good content alone is enough to result in a good presentation. Of course good content is vital, but it is not enough.

Stagecraft of Success helps experienced and novice presenters to bridge the gap between a speech that is average and one that is excellent.

Less is More – Writing Strategies for Busy Leaders - Workshop

Writing is comparable to chess: the pieces represent the alphabet; the board represents the structure (grammar, punctuation, etc.). Once you understand the basics, chess – like writing – isn’t difficult. To play well, however, is another matter altogether. Many leaders, including senior executives, struggle to write well. It’s not a lack of intelligence that holds them back. It’s a lack of tactical know-how, and a lack of time.

Less is More examines writing within the context of leadership. Simple, practical and easy to apply, these strategies will benefit anyone who writes to inform or influence.