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Robyn Moore

Robyn Moore

Robyn Moore is Australia’s most in-demand female speaker. Her clients are consistently amazed by the “cut-through” she accomplishes in her “Life-altering” presentations and by the profound affect she has on her audiences.

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Testimonials for Robyn Moore

"Excellent! 11 out of 10! Extraordinary!!!! Robyn has true potential to make motivational speakers redundant.  She is marvelous at what she does.  Robyn hit all the right notes with our audience. I found it amazing how willing she was to spend so much time prior to the event trying to understand our company & our people.  Not just your normal speaker she captivated every single delegate and then held them firmly (and willingly) in the palm of her hand for over 1 hour.  She made our delegates laugh, cry, re-evaluate their lives, refocus on what's important, and the best part is that she left a lasting impression on everyone.  This alone is a remarkable difference between Robyn and other speakers - she actually achieved a CUT-THROUGH I never would have thought possible if I hadn't experienced it first-hand. I am so glad we placed her as final speaker for the event as she just WOWED everyone."

Sam Alford   Retail Food Group


 "You empower and enable others to become more real as human beings & this is a truly great talent. But above all, the thing that really pleased me the most, was your uncanny ability to weave so many of the issues that I had emphasised in our brief talk together into your presentation; it was totally tailored to our situation and 100% relevant - I felt at all times that you were really talking to us as a group with stories, anecdotes and references that tied it all back into strata management and us as a group!"  

CEO at Staff Retreat


"I just wanted to follow up again with an enormous thank you following on from your session on Wednesday.  Even today people are still talking about you.  The impact on the leadership team is palpable and they continue to buzz with your energy.  Your ability to cover so many subjects and have people laughing one minute and teary the next is extraordinary.  Added to that is the subtle weaving of your inspirational messages with stories and their poignant relevance to Qantas.”   

Head of HR and Change (Alison Ward) Qantas Engineering


"Excellent! You don’t have a superlative sufficiently powerful to capture the reactions and responses from the staff of Dandenong North Primary School. Robyn certainly conjured up and presented to us beautifully powerful and symbolic words - time after time and with exquisite timing.  Robyn had us in tears one minute and stitches the next. We are spellbound and awestruck and now we are renewed. For many of our staff, this has literally benna life- changing experience. A simple thank-you can never do justice!” 

Kevin Mackay  Principal Dandenong North Primary Staff PD Day


“Robyn was outstanding. She showed an extraordinary ability to totally capture her audience, which comprised of farming men and women aged from 30 to 75 plus teenage children home from boarding school. These drought-affected families were totally inspired and entertained by Robyn. There is no doubt laughter is the best medicine and Robyn is a brilliant Dr. So many came to her afterwards and to me saying they had changed their attitude and now had renewed energy to go on coping with the drought. We have never had such positive feedback from an audience and there is much enthusiasm from other groups to have her back to other areas nearby. The best drought assistance ever offered to farmers."

NSW Agriculture Drought Relief Rowena


“Excellent!  Robyn delivers a message that is like a shot of vitamin B, dark chocolate and good wine – and should be delivered regularly. She constantly pulls you from your own thoughts into the future, into the moment, and into valuing the now and the self. From laughter to tears to laughter there is not a person who cannot be moved by the integration of stories and experiences that she shares. You arrive at her session with a sense of anticipation and leave with a sense of purpose-defined.”

Marie Alford Alzheimers Australia SA (Carers Day)

Robyn Moore Travels from TAS
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Robyn Moore's Biography

Robyn Moore is Australia’s most in-demand female speaker. Her clients are consistently amazed by the “cut-through” she accomplishes in her “Life-altering” presentations and by the profound affect she has on her audiences. These results are no “accident”…it is Robyn’s INTENT to “sell people back to themselves” so the shifts are transformational, long-lasting and create ACTION.


Robyn Moore has been changing peoples’ perception through “The Power of the Word” for over 40 years as an Educator and as Australia’s most versatile and effective female Voice-Over Artist, Presenter and Speaker. As a Multi-Skilled Communicator, she knows exactly how to take her Client’s Brief and design a highly entertaining, relevant, inspiring presentation, which enables her audience members to access what truly matters in their Professional and Personal lives…and take ACTION. Her talks are jam-packed with empowering distictions and stories, so you don’t just HEAR her presentations…you EXPERIENCE them!


Robyn’s voice has been heard in most homes in Australasia, so she connects instantly with her audiences in every sector, demographic, location and age group…at Corporate, NFP and Community Events. Describing herself as a “RE-MINDAVATOR”, she is the perfect Speaker to Open or Close your conference and to re-engage, re-connect and re-invigorate your Delegates, Staff, Clients, Organisation or Community.     


Why are Robyn’s talks “life-altering”?

1.            As an EDUCATOR for 44 years, so she is committed to getting the results her clients want. Robyn consistently scores “Excellent” and “Exceeded Expectations” in evaluations, because she is trained to open peoples’ minds to new possibilities. Once people can see their opinions, attitudes and behaviours…they can create the ACTION and OUTCOMES that make a difference in their Professional and Personal lives. 

3.            As a VOICE-OVER ARTIST for 44 years, Robyn has sold millions of dollars’ worth of products in 30 second commercials, informed people in documentaries and made millions of Australian laugh for over 30 years, in the political satire “How Green Was My Cactus” (which Australian audiences LOVE!) Therefore, she has a particularly unique understanding of “The Power of the Word”. As a discerning and empowering Story-Teller, Robyn has the ability to GET people to GET her client’s desired OUTCOMES…quickly, effectively and authentically. People can then start to LIVE the INSIGHTS!

4.            As a PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINER since the age of 17...Robyn has vast experience with diverse audiences and situations. Her stagecraft enables her to take people on a “Roller-Coaster ride” where they laugh, learn, think, feel, grow, choose…and take ACTION in their lives.


Robyn's presentations are designed to:

•             Re-ENGAGE your delegates/staff with their whole LIFE!

                Their Vocation/Job, Business, Purpose, Family, Relationships, Community...Themselves.

•             Re-ALIGN people with their Vision, Values and Goals.

•             Re-INVENT attitudes and behaviours…attendees access personal responsibility and

                self-determination. The bi-products are Leadership, Integrity and Authenticity.

•             Re-GENERATE Passion, Energy, Productivity, Laughter and Work/Home balance.

•             Re-MIND people about what "really mattered before the circumstances changed everything!"  They get to experience Possibility, Optimism and Satisfaction again…and the desire to pass this onto their staff, team, customers and their families.

•             Re-STORE confidence, hope and resilience in challenging times of change, disruption and uncertainty.

Speaking Topics Include

“Beyond Informed to Transformed” … (your theme)

Life-Atering Communication

Change Management: BEING Bigger than the Tough Stuff

Authorship: BIG Words, BIG People, BIG Future

Audacious Leadership Masterclass

Rediscovering Purpose, Passion and Potential

Growing Little People into BIG People

Relationships That Work Masterclass

Creating A Life You Love…it’s your CALL

Being Bigger Than The Circumstances

Super Sales, Super Service, Super Satisfaction

Resilience: Human BEING versus Human REACTING

Results: Living With Urgency Before the Emergency

Wellness: Happy, Healthy Whole People

Worth: Wealth and Poverty of the Human Spirit. Investing in People

OH&S: Welcome Home Daddy

Community Connection, Culture and Celebration

Celebrating LOVE, LIFE and LAUGHTER



Robyn is an Ambassador for the Australia Day Council, Dragons Abreast Australia, The Australian Childhood Foundation, has been National Patron of Make-A-Wish Australia for 24 years and recently won the “International Make-A-Wish Volunteer of the Year” Award.