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Dr Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker is the author of seven best selling books on health and lifestyle, and is considered amongst the world's best keynote speakers and life coaches. A regular presenter on various television programs and radio stations across Australia, Dr Ross is an eminent practicing cardiologist with a passion for people and health.

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Dr Ross Walker Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Dr Ross Walker's Biography

An Honours graduate from the University of New South Wales, Dr Ross specialises in preventative cardiology, presenting a life changing message that is universal and the basis for leading a longer, healthier life. By empowering his audiences along the path to wellness, Dr Ross is continually praised for the entertaining, emotive style of his presentations.

A regular on several of the Nine Network's current affairs and lifestyle programs including the 'Today Show', 'A Current Affair and 'Excess Baggage', Dr Ross also presents on radio including 2UE, 6PR, 4BC and 3AW.

One of the most sought after corporate speakers and health and lifestyle consultants in Australia and Asia, Dr Ross Walker works closely with the corporate world to educate staff and executives on the importance of achieving balance in their hectic lives. He discusses issues ranging from stress management, relationships, health and nutrition to striking a balanced way of living.

In his latest book, 'Five States of Health', Dr Ross debunks the myths and hype of modern health and gives you the facts you need. Learn the truth about what the real modern killers are, what you can really do to slow the aging process, what vitamins and supplements can actually make a difference and what you need to be doing to be healthy in each decade of your life.

With over 30 years of medical experience, Dr Ross Walker is the must-have health resource for men and women of all ages!