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Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional), 2004-05 President of the National Speakers Association, is the author of 2 books and co-author of 4 others. Scott’s latest book, "Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs - Ten Surefire...

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Scott Friedman Travels from USA
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Scott Friedman's Biography

Scott Friedman, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional), 2004-05 President of the National Speakers Association, is the author of 2 books and co-author of 4 others. Scott’s latest book, "Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs - Ten Surefire Ways of Adding Humor to Your Presentations," is the perfect resource for those looking to connect with their audience…. whoever that may be. Scott outlines effective methods for engaging and educating an audience through humor and storytelling.
His book, Using Humor for a Change, is chock-full of great ideas to lighten-up the workload. The “One-Minute Humor Break” proves to be the perfect remedy for stress and burnout.
An internationally recognized professional, Scott Friedman speaks on a variety of topics over 80 times a year. His areas of focus include employee and customer engagement, branded customer service, and using humor to engage an audience or a customer. Scott’s varied experience has brought him success in many industries including: hospitality, meetings, real estate, insurance, health care, education, government and just about any association. Scott’s greatest strength is his ability to customize the perfect program to fit the needs of any particular group. His improvisational comedy training, quick wit, and engaging material make Scott’s valuable programs a bunch of fun to listen to while you’re learning innovative new approaches. He is a perfect fit for kick-offs, closings, lunches, banquets, and midnight snacks.
In 1998, Scott Friedman started working in Singapore and now spends 25% of his time speaking throughout Asia and other locations around the globe. His international clients include Singapore Airlines, the Singapore Government, OCBC Bank, DBS Bank, Gold Fields of South Africa, Young President’s Organization, Hyatt Asia, and many of the Fortune 1000 companies. He offers to all of his clients a global and culturally sensitive perspective on how to get more out of work and out of life. He is always sure to do his homework to ensure that all groups feel at home no matter where they might be.
Scott has been an established and trusted member of the speaking community for many years and continues to have a strong presence. In 1988, as the President of the National Speakers Association of Colorado, Scott founded the Meetings Industry Council of Colorado, a coalition of professional meetings industry-related organizations. The council’s underlying purpose is to strengthen the relationships between participating organizations through increased communication. In 2002 Scott was awarded the International Association of Speaker Bureaus’ (IASB) Pace Setter Award, given annually to an individual outside the IASB who played an integral role, in partnership with IASB, to further advance the speaking industry.
The IASB recognized Scott for successfully developing and executing “an alliance between the NSA (National Speakers Association) and IASB… [to encourage] partnering among bureaus and speakers to further advance the client relationships that serve both.” Finally, in April of 2005, it was Scott’s vision that brought to Singapore the first Global Speakers Summit. 300 international speakers and meetings professionals from over 20 countries attended this event. The second Global Speakers Summit was held in Dubai in 2007, and the third in Cape Town, South Africa hosted by the International Federation for Professional Speakers.
Scott Friedman is a dynamic conference speaker who would like to bring both his wisdom and experience to your upcoming event.

Speaking Topics Include

Connecting with Customers
The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it
Employee Innovation for Turbulent Times
Using Humor for a Change
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sale
Making Your Personal Brand More Memorable and Marketable
Punchlines, Pitfalls and Powerful Programs
How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope
Just a Spoonful of Humor
So, You Think You're Funny!
What's So Funny About Being Single?