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Shara Evans

Shara Evans

Shara Evans is internationally acknowledged as a cutting edge technology futurist, commentator, strategy advisor, keynote speaker and thought leader. A sought after speaker, Shara is highly engaging and informative leaving an impactat all events.

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Testimonials for Shara Evans

“I have worked with Shara for many years on our annual industry events where she has participated as a expert speaker and chair. I have always found Shara to be most professionally competent and personally charming, as well as liked and appreciated by our hundreds of client delegates. She has been a key driver of the success of our events”
Grahame Lynch, Founder and Managing Director, CommsDay

“Shara’s vast network of industry and enterprise contacts, coupled with her technical knowledge, was incredibly useful throughout CSIRO’s CeNTIE project – which introduced very high speed fibre-based broadband to Australia. Shara was also instrumental in publicising CeNTIE’s work through her speaking engagements, publications and client assignments.”
Dr Terence Percival, Director Broadband and the Digital Economy Business team, NICTA former Chief Research Scientist (Telecommunications) at the CSIRO, and co-inventor of WiFi

“As Founder and Managing Director of Internode, I worked with Shara and the Market Clarity team on wide range of projects over the course of many years. Shara is always a pleasure to work with, and has a long-standing track record of bringing innovative new research to the Australian telecoms community.”
Simon Hackett, Founder of Internode, Non-Executive Board Member at NBN Co Limited

“Shara’s warm personality and engaging speaking style is an asset to any event and FirstPath would gladly recommend her to host or MC. Her deep understanding of the evolving Telco marketplace and strategy is equally impressive and adds to the occasion.”
Stephen Carter, Director, FirstPath

“I engaged Shara to speak at the ACMA’s Mobile Network Performance Forum at Melbourne’s Federation Square in November 2013. Shara is an engaging speaker and her presentation truly informed the discussion on the day.”
Darren McClelland, Project Manager, Australian Communications and Media Authority

“Whilst attending an investment briefing with both investment bankers and VC members, there was a need for strong and insightful telecommunications industry information that provided solid facts on the competitive arena and where the technology trend is moving to. From fourteen people in the room, four mentioned Shara Evans and she was additionally supported by five others. I was intrigued to find Shara’s work and meet her. I was impressed with the great work that Shara and her company – Market Clarity – provide. They have a substantial edge on anything else available that I have come across both here and many years abroad.”
Chris Lira, Finance & Business Professional

“We’ve been working with Shara Evans for about ten years now, and I’ve seen her speak over many years at many conferences. Her predictions about what’s happening in the future have been spot-on on so many occasions. Shara is now a futurist specialising in telecommunications and technology, and we’re proud to be able to work with her.”
Skeeve Stevens, CEO and Founder, eintellego Networks

“I’ve known Shara for many, many years. I’ve seen her present at numerous conferences. I’ve seen her emcee and run various conferences, and in my mind there is no one better that could run a conference and help keep it running smoothly,  talk knowledgeably with all of the presenters, and always ask intelligent questions when the audience can’t seem to think of one.”
Paul Brooks, Head of Network Architecture and Technology, Trident Subsea Cables

“Shara, thanks a lot for today. It was a great session and I’ll share some of your insights and thought-starters with the marketing team here at amaysim. I’ll definitely be showing people the Netflix video!”
Ged Mansour, Head of PR & Social Media, amaysim Australia

“A well presented and in-depth explanation of conducted research into future technologies.”
Ray Larkin, General Manager – Telecommunications, BSA

“Shara has showcased the future in an interesting and concise seminar that has opened my eyes to a world of opportunity.”
Tony Paul, Principal, PicoNet Consulting

“Great! All should come and listen.”
Mike Elliott, Account Director, STEP Electronics -Communications & Mobility Group. Hills Holdings

“A realistic ‘here and now’ presentation for business and the end-user. Shara is an excellent presenter, clear, precise and engaging. The presentation had excellent content.”
Beth Mackenzie, Business Development Manager, National Infrastructure Services

“Shara left me feeling inspired and thinking the future is bright.”
Kasia Gospos, Senior Commercial Analyst, Vocus + CEO, Leaders in Heels

Shara Evans Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Shara Evans's Biography

Technology Futurist Shara Evans is a globally acknowledged Keynote Speaker and widely regarded as one of the world’s Top Female Futurists. Highly sought after and in demand by conference producers and media, Shara provides the latest insights and thought provoking ideas on a broad spectrum of issues.


Regardless of your Industry, Shara’s keynote speeches bring together the latest technology innovations and cutting-edge research projects, tying them into strategic insights specifically for your business.


Shara is also a regular media commentator on technology issues — appearing on shows such as Sky News, The Drum, Lateline, 7:30 and is regularly quoted in publications such as the Financial Review, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and many others.


Shara’s latest research is the Future Tech series (link to blog http://sharaevans.com/blog/)— based on ongoing interviews with thought leaders in research labs, vendor labs, telcos, futurists and others — covering a very wide range of topics, such as: new form factors for phones and devices, wearables, implantables, sensors, wireless technologies, holograms, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, home automation, the Internet of Things, robotics, drones, cars of the future, artificial intelligence, security, privacy, cloud services, and the next wave of innovation.


Shara Evans is also the Founder and CEO of Market Clarity, an award-winning technology analyst firm that provides insight, intelligence and advice on all aspects of the telecom and emerging technologies markets, as well as the Founder of Telsyte (which she sold to publicly listed UXC), and has been providing innovative research and strategic consulting on telecoms and technology throughout her successful career.


Shara has a long history of working with top scientific research organisations. She was a member of the CeNTIE (CSIRO Centre for Networking Technologies for the Information Economy) Advisory Board from 2002 – 2007, as well as being an Advisor to the Director of the Networking Technologies Laboratory within CSIRO’s ICT Centre. Most recently she served as a member of the Expert Review Panel for the Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI), a collaborative research initiative by the CSIRO in partnership with NICTA, with foundation funding provided by the NSW Government.

Shara helps her clients understand new product and service opportunities that are being underpinned by emerging technologies. Frequently working with executive, strategy and product teams, Shara gets organisations to think outside the box of what's available today to imagine the world in 10 - 20 years, and assists them in commercialising these concepts into innovative new products and services.


Shara prides herself on taking the time to work with you and your team to tailor her presentations to address the issues directly relevant to your company and industr

Speaking Topics Include

Cities of the Future

Investing for Tomorrow - Hot Industries of the Future

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Into the Future: How Technology Innovation will Transform our World

New Technology Trends and the Next Big Thing — Future Industries, Services and Products

Disruptive Technologies — Implications for the Finance Industry

Unlocking the Future — Opportunities for the Telco Industry

Technology Innovations — New Ways of Managing Risk

Unlocking the Future: Opportunities and Risks for the Telco Sector

Challenges and Opportunities for the Public Sector

The Future of Aged Care — Cutting Edge Technologies that will Improve Older Citizens Quality of Life

Health: Will Technology Let Us Live Forever?

Privacy: Will it be gone forever? What every Company Director, Executive, Business Owner and Consumer needs to know

From SciFi to Reality: New Attack Vectors for Cyber Criminals?

CyberCrime: From Sci-Fi to Boardroom Threat - Where the Challenges Lie in the Digital Future

Life in the Software-enabled World of Tomorrow

Emerging Technologies: New Data Sets to Interpret and Monetize

3D Printing: A Truly Disruptive Technology

Flying Robots – Friend or Foe?

The Future of Travel — Business and Leisure Travel in 2030

Technology: A double edged sword

Future Tech: Your Roadmap To New Opportunities

Inspiring Women in Technology — The Role of Mentors in Fast-Tracking Your Career