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Simon Hammond

Simon Hammond

Simon Hammond is one of Australia’s most sought after keynote speakers and commentators on branding, consumer behaviour and his unique social insights. His presentations are thought provoking, stimulating and creative, leaving audiences engaged.

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Testimonials for Simon Hammond

Simon is a fabulous presenter. He is always amusing and inspiring and his insights into today’s consumer are really interesting and thought provoking. I always leave feeling I have learnt something new.
Sussan Corporation  

Simon was able to cut through the many misconceptions and presumptions about communication strategies and deliver a memorable and thought provoking insight into the world we live in but rarely stop to consider.It is communication in its rawest form. A timely reminder that we need to sit back and consider communication at its foundation and not presume we know. Invaluable for our senior team to sit back and consider. He delivers passion, humour and enthusiasm and opens a unique window into the basics or communicating with the public.

Simon’s presentation created a buzz in the workshop. He was both inspiring and motivating to everyone in the room. Simon was integral in the success of our workshop.
Accor Hotels  

Simon Hammond was truly inspiring & started the day with a bang. Aged & Community Care Victoria   Engaging, delivers clear messages for everyone to understand. Ideal, Simon was EASY to deal with – understood what we wanted to do and offered suggestions openly.
AXA Australia
Simon Hammond Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Simon Hammond's Biography

Simon Hammond is one of Australia’s most sought after keynote speakers and commentators on branding, consumer behaviour and his unique social insights. His presentations are thought provoking, stimulating and creative, leaving audiences engaged.  

For more than two decades, Simon Hammond has pushed the boundaries of traditional thinking to provoke creative change within business and society.  

As a sought after social commentator, brand advisor to many of Australia’s top brands, author or entrepreneur, his approach has been consistent since his days as an investigative journalist in the 1980s; seek the emotional truth in people and create the stories that will connect with that truth.  

In recent years, Hammond's social insights have made him a sought-after social commentator and motivational speaker. Rejecting the tag of 'futurist', Hammond describes himself as a 'nowist' with his telling observations of mainstream behaviour challenging many accepted conventions and throwing new light on the disconnection between society and business today. He targets increased political correction, complex corporate governance issues and the information explosion as enemies of brand connection.

In a world short on heroes and quality role models, Hammond believes that businesses have a much more important role to play in society if they define what they stand for and articulate their position well. This conviction comes through in his presentations, as a highly motivated and passionate speaker. Hammond draws from his successfully running a number of highly renowned businesses, managing major brand strategies for some of Australia's biggest clients and, over the past five years, has addressed audiences on marketing and branding across the nation.

Passionate on brand connection, Hammond's radical new advertising and branding methodologies are currently being used by some of Australia's top companies. His Social Insights program and keynote addresses are in huge demand across Australia for their ability to challenge executives and teams to think differently about consumer connection, team culture and brand uniqueness. As an innovator, Hammond has published two acclaimed books and wows his audiences with a full rock version of his business insights presentation.  

A former newspaper, radio and magazine journalist, Simon has left his mark in many aspects of the Australian media and communication industry; news reporter, magazine editor, columnist, radio host, author, creative director and agency founder.  

As a master storyteller, Simon has been responsible for creating the compelling stories for hundreds of businesses in Australia and overseas and has shaped the Australian marketing landscape through the four award-winning creative brand agencies he has founded (Dare, The Edge, SEE & Bastion).   His much sought after BE Branding philosophy has become a studied benchmark in brand positioning and has reshaped the way the business world sees branding - while his three books (GUTS, BE Brands & CEO of Earth) have provoked radical new thinking in the way executives create success.  

Through his BE Brands Keynote presentation Simon will share his insights on BE branding, open your eyes to who the ‘true’ consumer is and the opportunities that exist for businesses within what he calls ‘the substance revolution’. Using bold visual cues, powerful music and a myriad of popular cultural and brand examples, Simon’s 90, 60 or 45 minute presentation stimulates audiences to stop over thinking business and return to the instinct needed to achieve emotive customer connection.  “If a business stands for nothing, it doesn’t stand at all”, affirms Simon Hammond, in his book ‘BE Brands’.    

Speaking Topics Include

  • BE Brands - Belief, Belong, Behaviour
  • Branding – the power of a great brand
  • Converging media
  • Customer connection
  • Finding a ‘real’ corporate voice
  • GUTS - Gut Instinct, Tribalism and Courage - Essentials for Progressive Change.
  • Social Insights - Fundamentals for Business Success
  • The power of your people – Cultural Change
  • Tribalism