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Stacey Copas

Stacey Copas

Stacey Copas is an inspiration. Left a quadriplegic at the age of 12, Stacey has set out to empower those around her. Author and speaker, Stacey provides the tools to build resilience in our rapidly changing world, turn change and adversity into opportunities, and to create high performance culture.

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Testimonials for Stacey Copas

Stacey has used diversity to her advantage and her inspirational personal journey is captivating, emotional and compelling. Stacey can motivate and engage a wide audience and inspire them to reflect on their approach to life and seize the moment, acknowledge their strengths and be their best whatever their circumstances. Her spirit and determination are awesome!

David Furniss, DFEEST


Stacey is a truly inspirational speaker. She engaged amazingly with our staff, as she drew on not only her own experiences, but included the challenges unique to our business. It was great to watch a sea of nodding heads, as staff identified with issues and made mental notes of the practical tools Stacey provided to help us build our resilience. I would highly recommend Stacey to inspire other work teams.

Christine Flynn, Spring Gully Foods


Stacey was the guest speaker at the 2013 Athletics SA Presentation Dinner held at Crowne Plaza Adelaide. Stacey was fairly new to South Australian athletics at that stage and few people were actually aware of Stacey’s story. The 130 individuals in the room that night listened intently to an uplifting story of an inspiring individual who has turned a tragic accident in to a positive and motivating message. Stacey is an excellent and engaging speaker who will inspire any audience with her positive message of resilience.

Adam Bishop, Athletics South Australia

“I have great pleasure in writing and recommended Stacey, not only as a personal speaker & motivator, but as a woman, friend and all round fantastic person that I have come to know.  I love the courage, dedication, persistence & commitment Stacey shows to her work, business, friends and life.  She is a blessing to the people she knows and empowers. I have nothing but the highest level of respect for Stacey and wish her all the best.”

David Pascoe, Buy Australian Properties Corporation
Stacey Copas Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Stacey Copas's Biography

Stacey Copas has not let a devastating accident that left her a quadriplegic and dependent on a wheelchair at 12 years old slow her down. Instead she picked up the pace and has used her life experience and personal philosophies to become Australia’s leading keynote speaker and facilitator on resilience and turning adversity into an asset, delivering keynote speeches, training, consulting and coaching to organisations such as Telstra, South East Water and CSIRO.


Her first book “How To Be Resilient”, which has been endorsed by Brian Tracy, Layne Beachley and Jack Delosa, was published in 2015 and has been featured by Financial Review, ABC radio and The Australian.


More recently Stacey has added athletics to her repertoire after 22 years of inactivity to further stretch her comfort zones, becoming the first women in her classification to compete in Australia, and is training to qualify for the Paralympic Games.


Stacey is an Ambassador for the Layne Beachley Foundation Aim For The Stars and donates 5% of her speaker fees and from the sale of each book to support the foundation.


In her spare time you are likely to find Stacey in the nearest patch of sunshine with a book recharging her solar powers.


Speaking Topics Include

“How To Be Resilient and Find The Opportunities In Change and Adversity”

Things go wrong. It is just a matter of when, not if. How you respond to change and adversity determines your level of success.  In this session Stacey shares her story of succeeding from adversity filled with quick and simple strategies you can apply to be your best in all areas of life, no matter what goes wrong along the way.


Objectives of the session:

Challenge the audience to put things into perspective

Show how a positive approach to adversity and change can be a competitive advantage

Provide practical strategies that demonstrate that they hold the key to the way they respond to change and adversity

Provide tips for feeling focused and empowered even when they are well outside of their comfort zones

Inspire the audience to think bigger

Stacey will work with you to learn about the specific challenges your people are facing and the goals they are working towards to make sure these powerful messages are delivered with the context that hits the mark for your people.



"How To Be Resilient - The Blueprint For Getting Results When Things Don't Go To Plan" Simple Strategies For Turning Adversity Into An Asset. Get your copy now.


Resilience Facilitator

The teams and organisations who are resilient and able to turn adversity into an asset the quickest will have a distinct advantage over their competitors.


Resilience Consultant

Does your culture need a revamp or a complete overhaul? Like to improve your staff resilience and productivity? Book a call with Stacey to discuss now.