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Stephanie Lorenzo

Stephanie Lorenzo

The ‘power of purpose’ is a strong message that Stephanie Lorenzo relays to discover the ‘why’ in your life. Founder of Project Futures, Stephanie is a leader, enabling professionals to be creative and innovative. A passionate and inspiring speaker, Stephanie captivates audiences through her incredible journey.

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Testimonials for Stephanie Lorenzo

Steph Lorenzo is an energetic  and engaging speaker. Our  staff constantly ask “when is  Steph coming back?”

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Stephanie Lorenzo - humble,  passionate and inspiring! Steph  proves that we can all change the  world if we care enough and put  our minds to it. An emotive and  passionate speaker who captivates  and inspires young people through  her incredible personal story.

CEO, High Resolves

Stephanie Lorenzo Travels from NSW
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Stephanie Lorenzo's Biography

The ‘power of purpose’ is a strong message that Stephanie Lorenzo relays to discover the ‘why’ in your life. Founder of Project Futures, Stephanie is a leader, enabling professionals to be creative and innovative. A passionate and inspiring speaker, Stephanie captivates audiences through her incredible journey.

Steph founded Project Futures to empower and engage a generation and raise awareness and funding to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation globally. Stephanie has made the charity active, fun and collaborative for young people across Sydney, and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. An inspiring role model for young professionals, Stephanie is an excellent speaker at university events and for corporate graduate programs.

With a Bachelor of International Communication from Macquarie University held in her hand, Stephanie Lorenzo didn’t start her career planning to start a charity. It was a chance encounter with a book about sex trafficking, and a life-changing trip to Cambodia that left her asking ‘how could this be real’?

In that moment, Stephanie decided to unlock purpose and play a bigger game. That game was to create a movement that would help facilitate the end of global human trafficking and slavery. For many, combatting the worlds third largest crime is a mountain to big to climb. For Stephanie, that mountain was too big to ignore. In 2009 fusing a passionate vision, with a purpose driven action plan, Stephanie founded a non-for profit organization called Project Futures.

Stephanie’s ‘purpose equals action’ leadership approach has enabled her to mobilize young professionals to engage in creative, innovative and sustainable fundraising initiatives. She believes that young people are driven by purpose, and the results speak for themselves.

Stephanie’s core message is about harnessing the power of purpose in our lives. Once we discover our ‘why’, we are able to empower ourselves to take action, and manifest our gift to the world. Through tapping into our talents and the talents of those around us, we can drive action and achieve desired results regardless of the size of the mission.

It’s no surprise that in 2013 and 2014, Stephanie was named one of Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence and nominated as Australian of the Year and was a finalist in Qantas and Women's Weekly's Women of the Future Award in 2016.

Despite these accolades, Stephanie describes herself as an ordinary human. The extraordinary comes down to making a choice, taking action and playing a much bigger game.

After 8 years as CEO, in March 2017, Steph handed over the reigns to pursue other opportunities in her career development. Under her leadership, PROJECT FUTURES raised over 5 million dollars for anti-human trafficking projects in Australia, Cambodia and Nepal.

Stephanie has experience in driving growth in the not for profit industry through targeted events and campaigns focused on engaging the millennial generation in their desire to seek purpose in the work they do.

She is a firm believer in the role that good corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR) can play within a business and advocate for a unified approach as part of business growth.


Speaking Topics Include


With the business environment continually in a state of change, it is imperative that what drives performance is authentic for each individual, and aligned with the overall objectives of your organisation. Through understanding how to activate and implement the purpose of individuals, we are able to mobilize our teams and gain valuable insights into what really motivates them to perform, and is not influenced by variable ‘carrots’ such as profit or power. Audiences will leave this session with the tools to identify individual or shared purpose, enabling them to integrate human motive into an outcome driven leadership strategy.

Key Outcomes

  • An overview of The 5 Keys to Unlocking Purpose.

  • Tools to develop a leadership style that supports the implementation of a purpose driven leadership strategy.

  • Discover how on purpose leadership, drives action, to achieve desired results.

  • Understand how an ‘on purpose’ team will innovate and play a much bigger game when faced with roadblocks or challenges.


Whilst there has been a lot of research conducted on understanding Generation Y, it the mobilization of this demographic that will facilitate action, and generate a positive impact in business and society for years to come. After all Gen Y are the leaders of the future. Driven by purpose, rather than power Generation Y will question anything that lacks authentic meaning. Rather than dealing with projects or people on face value, understanding the how and why, enables them to align individual drive with collective purpose. In this presentation, the audience will gain invaluable insight into what influences and mobilizes our youth. Once fully engaged and aligned with meaning, the ‘rebels with a cause’ will form a tribe, create a movement and take an ‘action with impact’ approach to achieving results.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand what motivates and drives a younger generation.

  • Develop tools to mobilize youth in the workplace.

  • Gain insight into the creation of a purpose driven movement.

  • Understand the connection between purpose, communication and team building.

  • Harness shared purpose and initiate collaboration.


At the age of 22 Stephanie Lorenzo, had been moved by a message, woken up by purpose, took action and founded a charity. It sounds easy, but what it takes to marinade an idea, execute a plan, and create a movement comes with a journey through fear, self-doubt and the ability to put out a thousand fires along the way. It is faith, mental resilience and a higher purpose that has enabled Project Futures to become an iconic brand in the business of world change. In this presentation, participants will develop strategies to awaken purpose, build confidence and develop the resilience to bring an idea, project, business or movement to life. Fear is the paralysis of action. Though unlocking fear participants are able to gain the momentum required to ‘start up’ the life they desire.

Key Outcomes

  • Develop strategies to activate your purpose, and use that driver to overcome fear.

  • Gain insights into overcoming adversity, and developing mental resilience.

  • Personal Belief. Learning how to back yourself.

  • Strategies to mobilise a tribe of fans, and bring your vision to life.


Stephanie Lorenzo does not claim to be an expert on human trafficking or slavery. She would describe herself as a ‘normal’ human being who couldn’t believe something so horrific could occur in the world, until she saw it with her own eyes. It was only then that Ignorance no longer provided a mask, and the only option for her was to take action against the world’s third largest crime against humanity. In this presentation Stephanie shares with the audience the facts and the faces that make up the victims of human trafficking and slavery. Through the power of storytelling, participants will be educated on this issue, and empowered with the tools to take action.

Key Outcomes

  • Participants are educated on the facts about human trafficking and slavery.

  • Participants will be deeply moved by real stories from the faces of human trafficking and slavery.

  • Understand how the power of storytelling can inspire purpose and generate a movement.