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Steve Van Aperen

Steve Van Aperen

As a former police officer having trained with the FBI, LAPD and the US Secret Service Steve has emerged as a leading authority on reading and analysing human behaviour. Today Steve devotes his knowledge to helping businesses thrive by increasing profits, changing behaviours, improving human rapport, building trust and reading their clients.

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Testimonials for Steve Van Aperen

He is so good they call him the Human Lie Detector.
Sanjay Gupta MD, CNN


Steve was excellent. Without exception he was a huge success, setting the tone for a very successful day. The consistent message from the 600 delegates was the desire to hear more... they found his information and his presentation fascinating and relevant. Steve has great presence and uses his time to maximum advantage. Very ?uent and professional.

Carole Gregson, National Employment Services Association


On behalf of Australia Post, I would like to thank you for presenting at our Platinum Forum. Your talk on 'Detecting Fraud by Analysing Behaviour' was a great hit with our guests. I particularly enjoyed the way you involved the group throughout the presentation. The Platinum Forum has been running in Sydney for several years and, thanks to your interesting session, looks destined for the same success in WA.

Dean Nalder, State Commercial Manager, Australia Post


Steve is an extremely interesting individual...He is an expert in the non-verbal cues to look for when people may be saying one thing but thinking something else. He specialises in reading and analysing distress signals and facial expressions. I would certainly love to have him by my side in the business world, where his powers of observation would be a fantastic resource!
Steve Waugh AO, former Australian Cricket Captain


Steve van Aperen is a man who studies the way people answer questions and at the same time their body language. He makes his living out of sorting truth from deception.
Mike Munro, journalist and former 60 Minutes reporter


He is an extraordinary man who is an expert in detecting deception. This man is a dead set legend. 
Catriona Rowntree, presenter and journalist


He has trained with the LAPD, FBI and US Secret Service. Fascinating. 
Kerri-Anne Kennerley, TV host


Your presentation to the CEO Clubs of New York City was amazingly informative and entertaining. It is not often that we have a speaker that can keep command of the room the way you did today at the Harvard Club. The buzz in the room was that you were one of the best speakers we have ever had. Please consider visiting with us again any time you are in the New York City area. I can't thank you and Renee enough for adding tremendous value to the club and its members.
Gary M. Anzalone, CEO Clubs, New York City


Steve Van Aperen Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Steve Van Aperen's Biography

After assisting police in 78 homicide investigations and 2 serial killer cases, the media gave Steve the moniker “The Human Lie Detector”. In order to help police read people Steve developed his unique 4 stage process together with his hugely successful “60 Second Profiling Technique”. Steve has trained intelligence agencies, homicide detectives, the Defence Security Authority and Department of Defence personnel and countless corporations in how to read people, build trust and detect deception by analysing verbal, non-verbal and paralinguistic behaviours.

That same process is now taught by Steve throughout the world to CEO’s, business executives, recruiters, portfolio managers, the banking & finance industry, customer service reps, investigators and sales professionals to do their jobs better.

Steve’s training helps you succeed at the negotiation table… read people like a book… cultivate deeper relationships… and dramatically increase profits.

Steve has appeared has presented more than 600 keynote presentations around the world to audiences from 50 to 5,000 and has appeared on numerous US television programs including CNN, Access Hollywood, The News Room and many others.

As a former police officer having trained with the FBI, LAPD and the US Secret Service Steve has emerged as a leading authority on reading and analysing human behaviour. Today Steve devotes his knowledge to helping businesses thrive by increasing profits, changing behaviours, improving human rapport, building trust and reading their clients.

Today Steve will show you why his friends never lie to him about their golf scores!

Speaking Topics Include

The Truth About Lies


How to read and interpret micro expressions, distress signals and facial expressions

Extremely valuable during meetings, interviews and negotiations when looking for conflict and contradiction between what a person is saying and what their body language is stating. This training provides corporations an edge in making the right investment decisions during meetings and negotiations

Identifying defensive barriers

Concealment and masking gestures, preening and grooming behaviours, building rapport, analysing content and structure and how to detect deception


Behavioural Interviewing

These comprehensive one- and two-day courses delve into understanding the communication process, detecting deception, analysing the content and structure of language, reading body language and micro expressions and how to utilise behavioural interviewing questions. This master training course includes real life scenarios and is very interactive with numerous practical exercises. The use of behavioural analysis questions is also covered together with theme developments. Ideal for those people that interview or for HR managers and consultants.


The Seven Winning Methods that Build Trust and Increase Profits

Learn from the marketing mistakes that some of the largest global corporations have made and how they turned themselves around. Learn Steve's seven step winning strategy, designed to build trust and create rapport whilst simultaneously increasing sales and improving brand loyalty. In this inspiring presentation Steve shows how to increase your customer base and improve rapport in what he terms the 'Trust Cycle'. Steve explains how client sales are based on psychology and emotions and how using the CFF Principle (keeping it Cool, Fun and Functional) will increase your bottom line. More importantly, he will show you how to use existing customers to 'sell your company' to new customers, for no additional expense, by becoming customer-centric. Happy customers are the cheapest and most effective marketing and branding tool available. Book Steve and see why this presentation is one of the most talked about topics that he delivers.


Can you read what your customers and clients are really thinking?

Imagine having the ability & skill sets to read people like a book during the sales process, meetings, interviews, negotiations and even how to detect deception? Steve’s keynotes will show you how to use behavioural psychology to build trust, motivate staff, read clients, deal with difficult customers and create resilience whilst growing profits in the process!


Reading your customers and identifying what they are feeling or thinking requires a unique skill set. When human beings try to suppress an emotion it will often leak out and contradict the spoken word. Effective interviewers, recruiters & sales staff all need to identify the 7 behavioural indicators that are displayed by all human beings. To do so consistently requires a novel approach. And the approach Steve developed — known as the “60 second profiling technique” — has remarkable applications in business and life.


Express Your Better Self

Have you ever met a person with presence? A person that just had 'something about them': something that made them irresistible? Steve trains attendees to become analysts of human behaviour. When you know the secrets of body language, not only can you read others, but you can exude confidence, magnetism and integrity without saying a single word.


As a highly sought after speaker, media commentator, author, behavioural analyst and executive business coach, Steve travels around the world teaching organisations how to read their customers, detect deception, win at the negotiation table and watch profits soar. Let Steve show you how to read these verbal and non-verbal cues and prosper in business, sales, meetings, recruitment interviews and negotiations