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Susie Elelman

Susie Elelman

Susie Elelman is one of Australia’s most dynamic and versatile TV & radio broadcasters.Recently, Susie was hosting a national magazine style television show – Daily with Bianca Dye each weekday @ 1130am, Australia-wide on the...

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Susie Elelman Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Susie Elelman's Biography

Susie Elelman is one of Australia’s most dynamic and versatile TV & radio broadcasters.

Recently, Susie was hosting a national magazine style television show – Daily with Bianca Dye each weekday @ 1130am, Australia-wide on the WIN Network & Channel 9 Perth & Adelaide.
She was also a reporter on the WIN Network’s top rating national travel show Postcards Australia .
For two years prior, she was host and executive producer of her own national variety & lifestyle show -SUSIE, on the WIN/9 network. This TV & radio broadcaster is also an author. Her first book Half My Size – The Thinking Person’s Diet – published by New Holland – is a best seller and Susie was voted Most Dynamic Author.
Highlights of her media career include over eight years as a presenter/reporter on Good Morning Australia. She was often seen on Clive Robertson's Newsworld, reporting on Hinch, and regularly going head to head with Stan Zemanek on Beauty and the Beast.
Her first foray into radio was with the ABC…since then she's co-hosted breakfast and drive on WS FM; hosted afternoons on Radio 2 and was part of the talkback radio team on Sydney's 2GB.
Susie’s spent 5 years regularly hosting fashion, health & beauty and lifestyle shows on TVSN…she was a roving reporter for the Stan Zemanek radio show on 2UE and is very excited that her 2nd book has been green-lighted by her publisher.
She's also written weekly for the Sunday Telegraph; completed a series of motivational articles on self-esteem for Woman’s Day; was a weekly contributor to WHO magazine’s Style Council and a regular columnist for the Queensland Tourism newspaper Coastline and Image Magazine.
Without touching that remote control Susie can move her skills to be your emcee or corporate communicator and business educator, delivering a powerful message with panache.

Few professional speakers have the range of topics that Susie can deliver and after every conference we get rave revues about her high energy, interactive style, entertaining presentation and her powerful message.
All of Susie’s keynote topics are also available as half or full day workshops for one-on-one executive, management & group staff training.

Topics include:

Making It in the Media: The surest and quickest way to enhance almost any career these days is to become a ‘Media Darling’. You know, those ‘personalities’ who have become household names, the ‘experts’ in almost any field you care to mention that turn up regularly on mainstream media – on our television screens, radio programs and in newspapers and magazines.
They are recognised and respected because we know them from their successful media appearances.
The fact is simple. To reach the top of your chosen career in Australia today you need to be able to use the media to your advantage.
Susie has already shared the secrets of media success to many business managers, public speakers, sports people and athletes, sales and marketing managers and authors, helping them to enhance their profile to their best advantage in public.
Whether you want to become a media star or just get the promotion you need for your business, attract sponsorship for your sporting career or team, or promote your book, it is vital that you learn how to attract the media and achieve free and positive publicity.
Susie has spent over 3 decades in television, radio, newspapers and magazines and shares some of her interesting, amusing anecdotal experiences that help you understand the way the media works and enables you to get your 15 minutes of fame…without stuffing it up.
She’ll show you how to; identify your ‘Gee Whiz’ factor, find the right medium to approach for the right type of story, highlight the keys to writing a successful media release, increase your profile, put into practice the 5 P’s for a perfect performance and overcome your nerves.
What would your reaction be if the spotlight was suddenly focused on you and the cameras started rolling whilst questions were fired in your direction?
Would it be a career maker or career breaker?
Susie shows you how to react quickly and confidently when you are suddenly in the spotlight and how to come across relaxed to your audience, both in the business world and the public eye, despite the number of nervous butterflies that might be flying out of formation in your stomach.
You’ll learn to master the ‘5 second grab’ or sound bite, pick up some interviewing and microphone skills, with tips on how not to be misquoted.
Susie can dovetail this media keynote to be applicable to your particular business and industry.
Anyone who needs to enhance their profile to their best advantage in public will benefit from Susie’s first-hand knowledge of current media.
She’ll show you how to be heard on radio, how to get into print, how to arrange your next TV appearance, how to make it in the media and most importantly, how to be invited back!

The Battle of the Bulge: After shedding in excess of 50 kilograms – that’s more than Posh Spice weighs…and writing her successful book Half My Size – The Thinking Person’s Diet (New Holland Publisher), Susie has been a very sort after speaker on this weighty topic.
Currently almost 70% of Australian men and around 50% of Australian women are either obese or overweight. That equates to over 7 million Aussie adults or the combined populations of Sydney & Melbourne.
In fact, we are now the most obese nation on Earth, eclipsing even the United States of America.
Susie used to be a part of those alarming statistics but now after achieving such amazing weight-loss results she has continued to maintain that success for close to 15 years.
Susie has put together a fun interactive audience participation keynote that, like her book, makes the comparisons between our body and a car. It’s an association most people can easily relate to but is especially popular with men who are twice as likely to be overweight than women.
Before long Susie has you visualising your dream car size and shape; she talks about how you can achieve and maintain it, discusses the correct fuel mix for you, and especially focuses on the amount of leaded and unleaded fats & low and high octane carbohydrates that you’re putting in the tank and she has some fun suggestions on how to get your motor running too.
She’ll take you on her own often self-deprecating weight-loss journey and there are plenty of helpful tips on how you can avoid or minimise the potholes that you’re bound to encounter along your road to success.
Susie even talks about the condition of your duco and upholstery and gives some simple tips on how to dress and pose for photos that will guarantee you’ll look slimmer without having to lose a kilogram.
This fun key-note livens up every conference and is often a great alternative if you’re looking to break-up your industry related conference topics. Also ideal for businesses keen to have healthier employees.

Marketing Keynotes: Aside from specialising in media and healthy lifestyle key-notes, Susie’s marketing topics are very diverse, she delivered a keynote on She Marketing -‘How to Get Women Back into Clubs’ at the RSL & Services Clubs’ National Conference.