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Tiffany Murray

Tiffany Murray

Tiffany Murray is the driving force behind the overnight business sensation, Dressed for Sale. As one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and business women, she is the creator and owner of Australia’s largest home styling business.

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Testimonials for Tiffany Murray

Excellent, we had fantastic feedback on Tiffany.  She was so accommodating to work with.  She even met us on site in the lead up to the event to record a social media video to promote the event.

Australian Institute of Conveyancers SA Division


Tiffany has presented a number of events for the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation. She has a natural warmth, manner and charm that we believe has reflected terrifically with our TeamKids brand, and she has engaged our audiences at each event with both the cause and the fun of attending our shows. I would have no problem recommending Tiff to host events and launches for any client.

Mark Colley, General Manager, Marketing & Commercial Women's and Children's Hospital Inc


I have had the privilege on seeing Tiffany present on two occasions and her poise, style and confidence is totally engaging. Her knowledge is extensive and she has absolute clarity and vision on where she wants to be and when! Not only does Tiffany have 'the knowledge', but her presentation and communication skills clearly sets her apart from her competitors in her area of expertise. She delivers the benefit of her product with high energy, adding multiple point of difference along the way. I have rarely sat through presentations where I am taken on a 'journey' wanting to hear more!

Rod Adcock  Regional Manager LJ Hooker South Australia/Alice Springs/Broken Hill

Tiffany spoke at a fundraising event I held for 100 women from the property industry.  Six months afterwards I still had attendees comment to me on what an engaging speaker she was.  Tiffany has a raw honesty about her approach and appealed because of her ability to tell her story in a fast paced manner while we learnt about her resilience, determination, ability to overcome challenges and the story of building a successful business from scratch.  This was all interwoven with a good dose of humour which made us all want more!  I couldn’t recommend Tiffany highly enough as a speaker, her energy levels and positivity alone are enough to make an audience sit up and take notice.

Jane Carey Director Edge Recruitment


I had seen Tiffany speaking publicly a number of times, and was always impressed by her ability to engage. Recently at a Team Kids fundraiser Tiffany was both MC of a complicated evenings agenda and conducted a heart-warming interview with a person who had no stage experience. Tiffany mastered the job enduring an engaging Saturday Black Tie evening and an uncompromised subject.

Jakki Temple Govan Marketing Manager Star Casino Sydney

Tiffany Murray Travels from SA
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Tiffany Murray's Biography

Tiffany Murray is the driving force behind the overnight business sensation, Dressed for Sale. As one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and business women, she is the creator and owner of Australia’s largest home styling business.


The pre-sale, home styling company is one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses, launching both local, national and international franchises in less than 18 months since its inception.


Following a sea change that took her from running a sheep station with her husband in South Australia’s mid north, back to her roots as a Sales and Marketing Account Director in Adelaide, with four children to care for, she took a leap of faith. Tiff launched Dressed for Sale following a stressful ordeal she encountered when selling a property in the city.


Sharing this experience made her quickly realise many people needed a life line in preparing their properties for sale. She witnessed first-hand the devastating and depressing impact of not getting this right. Tiff saw a market opening to supply a niche service, she immediately set wheels in motion to own it. She has educated prospective sellers about her service and why it is essential to a successful real estate campaign. Her mantra…Dressed for Sale works hard to enable a faster sale and better price.


Combining her career with motherhood, the business has grown into a national success, with Tiff predicting an additional 40 franchises in the next two years. Her team of 17 staff have assisted the sale of 600+ houses and work in conjunction with 120 real estate agents around the country.


Tiffany has developed a business model that offers expert solutions in home styling for furniture, painting, flooring electrical. In the first year, her business has styled over 400 properties and achieved a sale ratio of 90 per cent within the 5 week period.


Recognition of Tiff’s business prowess was evident in her recent accolade as an Optus Business Award National finalist and her long list of corporate and charity speaking engagements.

Speaking Topics Include

The Power of One - Building a Brand

All winners were beginners once!….Janine Allis, Naomi Robson ,Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, all of them were excellent Hustlers! My story shows that any one person can build a brand and invent a category, or disrupt another…it really is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration!

Hyde of a Rhino – My Story

The road to glory is littered with the corpses of start up’s! Only 3% of start-ups succeed 3 years and .04% still exist after 10! Hear my story of how I survived “The Critical Valley of Death” and how much rejection you face on your journey! The higher the stakes the higher the risk!! Resilience is a well exercised muscle in me!


Post Cards from the Edge – How Fear of Poverty is a Great Motivator!

If you want to succeed in anything you must apply yourself 120%!! You don’t become a successful Olympian by dabbling in 5 sports!! You have to commit to one and own it. Business is just the same. The world is full of “Gunna’s” I am “gunna do this and “Gunna do that….they usually end up doing nothing! To be an Entrepreneur is to work harder, push more and risk it all….Fear of Poverty gets me out of bed everyday…..failure is NOT an option!


I Do What He Does But Backwards in High Heels!!! (Ginger rogers at a press conference!)

How to Survive as a Mother in Business

Four kids under 12, 50 staff in two states I get asked “I don’t know how you do it!!” Well neither did I until I had a close call with a nervous breakdown and decided to hire a wife! I would delegate sleeping if I could. I looked around at all the male CEO’s I knew who all look so relaxed, I thought who does their dry cleaning? The school run, life administration? Their wives!! I thought if you can't beat ‘em join ‘em