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Tim Longhurst

Tim Longhurst

Tim Longhurst is one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation and corporate strategy.Tim works with leaders and organisations to identify and sieze opportunities. Tim is passionate about building organisations’ capacity for foresight. His presentations are powerful using current case studies, leaving audiences inspired and uplifted.

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Testimonials for Tim Longhurst

“Tim has great energy, is an excellent speaker and knows how to engage with the audience to deliver his message.”
David Bellas, Macquarie Group Limited  

“The feedback has been 100% positive - the team want you back next year!”
Matthew Putna, Hard Rock Asia Pacific  

“As I glanced around the room, I saw 150 participants with different backgrounds, motivations, experiences and expectations all thoughtfully and energetically engaged with Tim’s information and ideas. If there is such a thing as a keynote “sweet spot”, Tim hit it immediately and continued to throughout his presentation.”
Sandra Lawrence, Queensland Department of Education & Training
Tim Longhurst Travels from NSW
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Tim Longhurst's Biography

Tim Longhurst is one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation and corporate strategy. Tim has delighted clients across industries with his commitment to entertaining and inspiring audiences through highly customised presentations that achieve client goals. Tim uses the latest data, powerful case studies and entertaining anecdotes from the field to bring the future to life for his audiences and inspire change within business. His enthusiasm and warmth see him gain high praise – and repeat bookings from event organisers.

Likeable and engaging, Tim’s passion is obvious and his talent for conveying big ideas keeps audiences hooked. Tim’s proven track record – leading billion dollar strategies for governments and Fortune 500 companies – means Tim’s descriptions of the future are always matched with prescriptions for organisational success.

A born diplomat, Tim rounds-up the room’s elephants and sacred cows in the opening min-utes, rolls up his sleeves and gets down to the business of discussing what’s needed to pro-gress in this exciting and ever-changing world. Tim presents at over 50 corporate engage-ments per year and is one of the most sought-after future forecasters in the world. BNP Paribas, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson and many other clients offer the highest praise for Tim’s tailored keynotes, which frequently lead to Tim’s business, Key Message, being retained for ongoing trend reports and strategic counsel.

Tim is based in Sydney and San Francisco. His web posts on innovation and the future are read by thousands of readers around the world every month. He is head of the strategic foresight consultancy, Key Message and has ongoing commitments as a formal advisor to a number of Silicon Valley startups.

KEYNOTE - Tim prepares audiences to adapt to a changing landscape. His keynotes are high-ly customised – filled with compelling stories, easy to follow explanations and engaging au-dience interaction. Tim is passionate about building organisations’ capacity for foresight… That often means challenging assumptions and presenting inspiring glimpses of the future.

BOADROOM PRESENTATIONS - Presenting trends and insights from around the world, Tim’s boardroom presentations are prepared by Tim’s team at Key Message with his oversight. Tim’s boardroom presentations present key drivers of change; emerging consumer behav-iours and leading edge business practices in a straightforward manner.

CORPORATE WORKSHOPS - Tim will guide your group through a selection of key trends identified by him and his team at Key Message as most significant for your organisation. Preparation prior to workshop involves a series of telephone interviews with workshop participants as well as an electronic survey to ensure the presentation meets the needs of participants.

COLLABORATIVE BRAINSTORM - It’s a LOT easier to get staff about an organisation’s strat-egy if they helped develop it. This process ensures staff ideas, perspectives and visions are captured in a way that can contribute to an organisation’s strategic direction, without a sig-nificant time burden to senior officers. The collaborative brainstorm is outcomes driven, fu-ture focused and incredibly fun. These processes often feel more like a dinner party conver-sation than work.

Your team – anywhere from 30-3000 – will be seated at tables of ten. Led by Tim, the group discussions will focus on our changing world in a free-flowing dialogue. Attention will then turn to identifying the opportunities for your organisation. Ideas from around the room are captured in real time and cascade down the conference screens. Stunning visual effects bring the collective conversation to life. Tim has led projects that have seen over thirty thousand stakeholders contribute to organisational strategy. It’s his passion to help organi-sations capture the brilliance of their people in ways that secure their organisation’s futures. For smaller groups, consider Tim’s corporate workshops.

Speaking Topics Include

An Eye on the Future: Key themes on how our world is changing
Better Together: How the wisdom of groups is redefining everything
Buckle Up! Adapting ourselves to business at the speed of light
Industry Focus: Tim presents trends you can't afford to ignore
Modern Leadership: Lessons from the edge of business and culture
Opportunities Rock! Identifying and seizing opportunities in a time of abundance
Small is the New Big: The future is being created small moves