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Tina Tower

Tina Tower

Tina Tower is a successful business women who started her journey at the age of 20. Motivating others to live their dream, juggle their daily life and find passion, Tina shares her story in hope to encourage and inspire her audience.

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Testimonials for Tina Tower

I cannot recommend Tina Tower highly enough. She spoke at our Women in Focus conference in 2016 and ever since we’ve tried to emulate what we officially refer to as the ‘Tina Tower’ effect. Your own event will be richer for having the ‘Tina Tower’ effect. Simply put, the ‘Tina Tower’ effect is what happens when Tina shares her story as candidly as she does. With the perfect blend of vulnerability, humour and stage presence Tina has a unique ability at cutting straight to the heart of what matters in business and in life.


The ‘Tina Tower’ effect as we’ve come to call it, is after a presentation like hers, there is a noticeable change in the quality of conversations that delegates have with each other. The conversations are richer and realer, as she makes audiences want to want to live both a bigger and more honest life.


Her ability to distil and share the lessons from her business journey are second to none. Her infectious energy will make sure your conference attendees leave feeling uplifted and positive. It’s impossible to hear Tina speak and not walk away feeling empowered to live your best life. Unlike so many motivational speakers who simply speak on the topic of motivation, Tina is extremely well qualified to speak on the topic having achieved business success so many entrepreneurs and business leaders can only dream of. To have someone who has reached the pinnacles of success like she has, share their story with candidly, is indeed a privilege for your audience.

Women in Focus - Commonwealth Bank

Tina Tower Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Tina Tower's Biography

At 20 Tina Tower started, scaled and sold multiple businesses and won multiple awards in the process. A wife, and mum to two boys, producer and host of “An Intentional Life” podcast and CEO of Laptop Life, Tina Tower is a sought after speaker and high performance business coach and has just completed 9 months of travel through 25 countries around the world.

Tina's high energy is contagious. Tina built the National Begin Bright franchise from an idea, to a little suburban tutoring centre, to a franchise network with 33 sites throughout the country.

She's won multiple top business awards including the My Business Magazine awards, the Australian Small Business Champions and the 2014 Telstra Australian Young Business Woman of the Year.

Having started businesses solo and having done everything from marketing, accounting, curriculum design, training, human resources & team management, contract negotiations, teaching, customer service, event planning, business coaching and product development, Tina brings a wealth of knowledge to share with your audience.

In 2018 Tina decided to try life differently and ran away to explore the world with her husband and children. After 9 months and 25 countries, the lessons gained were endless. Tina shares her signature enthusiasm and optimism to encourage and inspire your audience to live life your way and create the business that serves both you and the world.

“Since I was 20, I’ve been self employed. I love business. I love everything about the freedom it brings and how it enables me to be able to create awesome things to help other people live more joyful lives and then in turn allows me to live a great life with my family.”

“I believe that life is short and we should all act accordingly. We should be make big plans, dreaming big and taking massive action to set our souls on fire.”

‘I am all for using digital to enhance our lives but also looking up from the screen to enjoy all the world has to offer. Life is good, and I want to help you to live it well.”

Speaking Topics Include

10 years to an overnight success - How Tina went from being a young woman in business to having children and struggling with the guilt of leaving her children in order to grow her business.  Through a big emotional journey and a lot of compromises with her husband, friends and family, discover how Tina raises two young boys and has turned her small business into a successful tutoring franchise, opening 20 centres in its first 3 years. This presentation is personal, powerful and designed specifically for female entrepreneurs who are managing the constant juggle of growing your business, relationships, children and of course your own wellbeing.


Systemise for growth - Drawing on her experience of building a National franchise company, Tina talk about how to systemise and automate your business to give you more freedom and time to work on the parts of your business that set your soul on fire.


Design your ideal life How to build the business life of your dreams. In this presentation, Tina encourages you to question your beliefs and let go of fear and live the life you've always imagined.


Scalability through franchising - Franchising is a very effective growth model for a successful small business. In this presentation, Tina outlines the positives and negatives of franchising, how to systemise your business, how to create a great franchising culture and pitfalls.   


Scaling UP - Tina talks about the practical steps to implement in your business and life to scale UP. This talk covers team, finances, systems, planning, customer love and marketing.


Goals workshop - If you don't know where to go, you won't go anywhere.  In this presentation, Tina helps people identify their values in each of the 7 areas of life and what they would look like to achieve in each of these areas both short term and long. You will be then able to break these down into achievable action steps so that you can see how your hopes and dreams can easily become your reality.


Lessons from a grown up gap year - Taking a year off in the prime of her career to travel around the world with her husband and two children was a BIG move. In this talk, Tina imparts the lessons and adventures from around the globe to inspire, give you a giggle, and provide inspiration in taking the path less travelled.


An Intentional Life - Tina explores the BIG questions. What makes a fulfilling life? A happy life? A successful life? And helps you to create yours.


90 Day Digital Detox - Tina did something extreme. She deleted social media and went on a digital detox for 3 months. In this presentation Tina goes through the harmful effects of excessive digital and how you too can switch off, unplug and enjoy all of life - in real life.