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Tina Tower

Tina Tower

Tina Tower is a successful business women who started her journey at the age of 20. Motivating others to live their dream, juggle their daily life and find passion, Tina shares her story in hope to encourage and inspire her audience.

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Tina Tower Travels from NSW
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Tina Tower's Biography

At 20 Tina Tower started, scaled and sold multiple businesses and won multiple awards in the process. A wife, and mum to two boys, producer and host of “An Intentional Life” podcast and CEO of Laptop Life, Tina Tower is a sought after speaker and high performance business coach and has just completed 9 months of travel through 25 countries around the world.

Tina's high energy is contagious. Tina built the National Begin Bright franchise from an idea, to a little suburban tutoring centre, to a franchise network with 33 sites throughout the country.

She's won multiple top business awards including the My Business Magazine awards, the Australian Small Business Champions and the 2014 Telstra Australian Young Business Woman of the Year.

Having started businesses solo and having done everything from marketing, accounting, curriculum design, training, human resources & team management, contract negotiations, teaching, customer service, event planning, business coaching and product development, Tina brings a wealth of knowledge to share with your audience.

In 2018 Tina decided to try life differently and ran away to explore the world with her husband and children. After 9 months and 25 countries, the lessons gained were endless. Tina shares her signature enthusiasm and optimism to encourage and inspire your audience to live life your way and create the business that serves both you and the world.

“Since I was 20, I’ve been self employed. I love business. I love everything about the freedom it brings and how it enables me to be able to create awesome things to help other people live more joyful lives and then in turn allows me to live a great life with my family.”

“I believe that life is short and we should all act accordingly. We should be make big plans, dreaming big and taking massive action to set our souls on fire.”

‘I am all for using digital to enhance our lives but also looking up from the screen to enjoy all the world has to offer. Life is good, and I want to help you to live it well.”