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Tina Tower

Tina Tower

Tina Tower is a successful business women who started her journey at the age of 20. Motivating others to live their dream, juggle their daily life and find passion, Tina shares her story in hope to encourage and inspire her audience.

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Tina Tower Travels from QLD
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Tina Tower's Biography

Not your ordinary gen-y female, Tina started her first business at age 20 and by the time she hit 30 had built and sold 2 businesses, completed a degree, got married, had two children and started in the challenging world of building a national franchise network.  

Halfway through a primary teaching degree she saw a gap in the private education market and created her own tutoring centre.  

Naivety was bliss!  

Finishing university two years later, Tina decided she loves being in business and could touch children's lives on a more individual level through her schooling readiness and primary tutoring centre than in a school.  

As children were coming in from tutoring with mostly reading problems, Tina began to develop a school readiness program that was developed from a solid foundation and love of learning problems never occurred once at school. This is where Begin Bright was born.   To fit around having a family, Tina began licensing the Begin Bright program in 2009 and converted to a franchise system in 2011.  

Three years later, Begin Bright has launched 13 franchises throughout NSW, VIC, and QLD with plans to expand nationwide in 2014.   Always feeling the need to live a full life and play a bigger game, Tina married at 21 and had her first child at 24 followed by her second son a year later.   Now after just turning 30, she's feeling the truth in the adage of taking 10 years to create an overnight success.  

Tina's mission in life is to run successful companies that make people happy and confident, keep a happy husband, be a wonderful mother and travel the world and experience the best life possible.    

She has started a blog, The Juggling Act, designed for women who grapple daily with the guilt and feelings of inadequacy that come with running a great company and still being a present and valuable parent.  

In the testament to living what you preach, Tina has just moved from Sydney to an acreage north of Byron Bay for a great work/life balance and encourages everyone to let their own light shine.

Speaking Topics Include

10 years to an overnight success
How Tina went from being a young woman in business to having children and struggling with the guilt of leaving her children in order to grow her business. 
Through a big emotional journey and a lot of compromises with her husband, friends and family, discover how Tina raises two young boys and has turned her small business into a successful tutoring franchise, opening 20 centres in its first 3 years. This presentation is personal, powerful and designed specifically for female entrepreneurs who are managing the constant juggle of growing your business, relationships, children and of course your own wellbeing.   

Design your ideal life
How to build the business life of your dreams. In this presentation, Tina encourages you to question your beliefs and let go of fear and live the life you've always imagined.

Scalability through franchising
Franchising is a very effective growth model for a successful small business. In this presentation, Tina outlines the positives and negatives of franchising, how to systemise your business, how to create a great franchising culture and pitfalls.   

Goals workshop
If you don't know where to go, you won't go anywhere.  In this presentation, Tina helps people identify their values in each of the 7 areas of life and what they would look like to achieve in each of these areas both short term and long. You will be then able to break these down into achievable action steps so that you can see how your hopes and dreams can easily become your reality.