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Tom Potter

Tom Potter

Tom started as a baker at the age of 15 then became one of Australia's biggest success stories, as founder of Eagle Boys Pizza. Tom's presentation is an honest, straight forward no nonsense story of his trial and tribulations.

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Testimonials for Tom Potter

The Tom Potter story is not about Pizza. Tom shared with our team his story of Vision, Courage and Resilience. He shares how it you don’t get it right the first time, your courage and resilience will carry you over the line. This is a human story that we all relate too and any business owner or manager who needs to lead and inspire teams would benefit from the Tom Potter story.

Fiona O’Donnell, Company Director, Total Childcare Solutions Australia Ltd


We had over 400 people at our conference engaged in Tom’s presentation. The mixture of life experience and relevant stories resonated with our members.

Tom did a break out session with our High Achieving members and really cut through with messages about how to grow and lead a dynamic business.

Brad Wood, Director, Astute Group – Financial Services


Haven’t spoken to anyone who didn’t love your speech. Not often have I seen that many questions asked after a presentation and they would have kept going if we had the time.

Michael McNab, CEO, McNab Construction


Delightful informal speech, thoroughly enjoyed by Jani-King’s senior management group. The presentation was humorous and pitted with numerous learning experiences and wisdom from Tom’s recent past as a business leader and as an entrepreneur.’

Ben Stoltz, CEO, Jani-King Australasia


Tom Potter has the ability to connect to all levels. His life story is inspirational. A true fighter - Passionate about people and product. Hands on, practical and successful. From a Baker to the Founder of one of the Country’s most successful Franchises. His presentation was motivational leaving me with a blueprint for life – “Life is about doing things, not having things.”

Steve Johns, Franchise Manager Victoria, Foodco Group Pty Ltd

Tom Potter Travels from QLD
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Tom Potter's Biography

Tom came from humble beginnings, leaving school at 15 to do a bakers apprenticeship and went on to build Eagle Boys Pizza from a single country town store to Australia and New Zealand’s largest privately owned pizza company achieving sales in excess of $200 million annually.

Along the way, Eagle Boys won various National Franchising Awards and Tom was awarded with the prestigious Australian Financial Review's Young Business Person of the Year.  He reinvented the pizza business and the brand to introduce a world first two-minute pizza guarantee, battled in Federal Court with the world’s biggest pizza company (Pizza Hut) and won. Almost went broke (twice), graduated valedictorian from Harvard Business School, introduced drive thru pizza and became a household name across Australia and New Zealand.

He has served on several Australian and International Boards, including the Ports Corporation of Queensland, Wallace Bishop/Hardy Brothers Jewellers, Brumby's Bakeries and The Board of Brisbane along with a stint on the AFL Commission and an advisor to the Federal Government.

After selling Eagle Boys in 2007 his time is spent on various other retail concepts and businesses, along with his passion of spending time with other businesses to gain insights allowing the most effective speaking presentations.  Tom has worked with, ranging from telecommunications such as Telstra and Optus to Harley Davidson and Bank West.

As one of Australia's most successful retailers, Tom is an inspirational leader. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach motivates audiences to change and cut through the clutter, and in doing so, to achieve higher results at all levels.

All these factors have seen Tom become one of Australia’s most sought after keynote and after dinner speakers (after dinner includes plenty of true story belly laughs).

By telling his 20 year story of trials, tribulations and triumphs from his experiences in business and life, Tom imparts advice on topics including marketing (and its challenges), change for the better and dealing with it along the way, what customers really want (looking through their eyes), strategy planning, facing competition (and winning) and your point of difference (what is your zebra amongst horses?)

Tom tells his story with plenty of humour and simplicity, in a “real” down to earth style. He will spend substantial time with the client finding out all the challenges they face to ensure the brief is clear and the speaking engagement has the maximum impact.

Speaking Topics Include

Change – It’s with us forever, deal with it.
How to work out “What Customers Really Want”.
The Story of Eagle Boys.
Guerilla Marketing and Relationship Marketing - How to Beat the Big Boys.
Global application for your business.
Hard Nose Retail - Life from the Edge.
Teamwork / Warfare / Winning.
The Competition Want You Dead – What are you going to do about it?
Franchising - A business model.