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Trish Murray

Trish Murray

Helping women gain self-esteem and confidence, Trish Murray is a mum-treprenuer and a stylist with over 20 years’ experience. Trish is the developer of the company Yummy Mummy and is passionate about making women feel good and to live extraordinary lives.

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Trish Murray Travels from NSW
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Trish Murray's Biography

Trish Murray will provide fashion and style advice, helping you find your inner beauty and inner essence. You may need a little guidance on what makes you feel good or a complete fashion & beauty overhaul after having a family or change of career.  Either way, every One on One Personal Stylist Experience is tailored for you, the client.


With over 20 years in the fashion and beauty industry, Trish is asked to share her expertise.  She has written and featured in glossy magazines, national newspapers and online articles.


“I love offering real women tips we have used for years on models and actors. Style is the little things; the tweaks; the attention to oneself. It’s a little to do with fashion and a lot to do with self-love.”


Trish is a vivacious, colourful speaker who gets you out of your chair and thinking on a new level by challenging conventional thinking.


With a 30-year career in the beauty and fashion industry, Trish’s approach is refreshingly down to earth and grounded. She has the force of a Mack truck, with the benefit of a stylish presence and delivery that resonates with men and women alike.


With the diverse nature of the fashion & beauty industry and the years of experience she has, Trish is able to adapt to different audiences rapidly.


From the funky audience of Channel V, the TV music channel, to the corporate heads of Westfield, Trish has managed to inspire with her down to earth & friendly nature.  Need to inspire the women is your organisation or inspire your customers – enquire here.  She will inspire you.


Speaking Topics Include

Power of Presence - Leadership | Communication
It's an Inside Job - Inspiring | Personal Development
The Naked Truth - Stripping back the beauty myth
CONNECT is the New Black - is your networking not working
Brand 'You'