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Warren MacDonald

Warren MacDonald

A remarkable speaker, Warren McDonald shares the moment that changed his life forever. Having lost both limbs in a tragic accident, Warren’s keynotes are inspirational and motivational.

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Testimonials for Warren MacDonald

I hope you realize the impact you had on all of us! We found your talk so incredibly motivating and inspiring... I know it will have a profound impact on many of us for years to come.
Smuckers Foods of Canada  

You were able to effectively demonstrate to the audience that difficulties faced become achievable challenges if you have the desire and strength of will. Your presentation was informing, heartfelt and humorous. You easy-going style made the audience instantly warm to you and feel connected to your experience.
Novo Nordisc Pharmaceuticals  

I can’t believe 3 months have passed since you spoke at our Convention. I want to personally thank you once again for helping make our 2009 conference in Palm Desert a huge success. In case you couldn’t tell by the standing ovation from our 1400 attendees, they too found great value in your message and ranked you as one of our best speakers ever. Not bad considering we’ve had over 60 speakers in the last twenty years.
Sun Life Financial
Warren MacDonald Travels from Canada
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Warren MacDonald's Biography

A remarkable speaker, Warren McDonald shares the moment that changed his life forever.  Having lost both limbs in a tragic accident, Warren’s keynotes are inspirational and motivational.

One catastrophic moment redefined Warren’s life in April 1997 with a freak rock fall on a remote Australian island that left him pinned under a one-ton boulder. For two days he lay trapped and alone, surviving the ordeal only to lose both legs at mid-thigh.  

Doctors told him he’d never walk again. Warren’s response: “I don’t recall them saying anything about cycling, kayaking, or climbing mountains…” Just ten months later he scaled Cradle Mountain, and in February 2003 Warren became the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Africa’s tallest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro.  

Professional Keynote Speaker Warren Macdonald has always had a taste for adventure. Family camping trips led to weekend hikes, than weeklong ventures into the Australian bush. His affinity with wild places, and bearing witness to their disappearance (through clear-cut logging), led him to become a committed environmentalist.

Warren MacDonald’s story is truly remarkable, he recognizes change as a process, not an end result. His motivational presentations are about the way we see the world, embracing change, managing transition, finding and creating opportunity and, as a result, living “larger” than we dreamt possible.

As a keynote speaker, Warren works with innovative, forward thinking companies, associations and Healthcare clients looking to foster “out of the box” thinking; the kind of thinking that led him to become the first double above-knee amputee to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak (19,222ft); the kind of thinking that empowers potential and inspires you to grow and prosper.

Speaking Topics Include

Building a Breakthrough Mindset
If we can’t see where it is we need to go, what are our chances of getting there? If your team or your members can’t see where you’re going, what are the chances they’ll get onboard? In navigating change, and overcoming the challenges that come with it, we need to address the foundation; the root cause of why we often get stuck or disengaged, and that is, how we perceive change in the first place. This keynote presentation is designed to hit “reset” on how your team sees their role in your organization. Expect them to come away empowered, engaged, inspired and ready to take action. They’ll begin to see challenges and opportunities with fresh perspectives and renewed vision.                                       

Key Takeaways

An understanding of the incredible importance of mindset, and how perception is the most important factor when it comes to limiting, or improving, our performance.
Specific tools and techniques to help break through the barriers that limit us.
How to develop strategies to counter inevitable setbacks that always come when pursuing big goals    

Bouncing Back is just the Beginning
If there’s one certainty, in business and in life, it’s that we will all face challenges; that we will all, at some point be faced with a seeming insurmountable obstacle or obstacles. When that happens, our greatest ally is found in our ability to endure; to adapt. When that happens, it pays to have banked some resilience. This keynote presentation focuses on what we can do to prepare for our challenges in advance. On how we can fortify ourselves against the curveballs and roadblocks before they happen by practicing resilience. This keynote presentation is designed to move your team from “I can’t” to “Bring it!” To instill the understanding that by facing our challenges; seeking them out even, we build the strength and resilience required when bigger problems come our way.  

Key Takeaways

An understanding of how resilience is banked, and is transferable across all areas of our lives.
Specific tools and techniques to build resilience.
Learn that “Bouncing Back” is just the beginning.
By practicing resilience, we position ourselves to Bounce Forward towards our goals.    

Next Level Quality of Care: A Patients Testimony
As a keynote speaker, I present at thirty to forty events each year on topics ranging from navigating change to setting impossible goals. I have to say though that the strongest connection I feel with an audience is when I get to share my patients story as a healthcare speaker with people that do the work that you do; those of you in healthcare. I’ve seen firsthand what you do. I’ve been there, on the receiving end. The big picture aim of this presentation is to validate the importance of the work you do; whether you’re a front line practitioner or clinician; a caregiver or caseworker or a hospital administrator. Second to that is to share an example of the results we can achieve in our quality of care when we adopt a client centred (or patient centred) approach or model. When we partner with our patients to achieve a common goal.  

Key Takeaways

Validation of the importance for the role you play.
You make a difference!Strategies to improve the quality of care you deliver.
The importance of perception in your role in healthcare, both in how you see your patients and how you see yourself.