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Warwick Merry

Warwick Merry

Warwick Merry generates high energy, motivates, inspires and entertains your audience. He works with his clients to tailor presentations and deliver key messages that leave lasting memories. Another highlight in his talent base is Warwick’s forte in Trade Show and Exhibitions.

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Testimonials for Warwick Merry

When our original MC cancelled, my heart sank. When you came on board with only 24 hours’ notice, my spirits lifted. At the end of the event I was thrilled beyond belief. You were so funny and engaging, yet completely respectful to the audience and the running of the day. Your banter with our sponsors and the keynote speaker made them feel relaxed and at home as well as making the audience feel like they were at an enchanting event. Even though we had a major issue with timing from the kitchen, you made it work and kept me informed every step of the way. You managed it so well that hardly anyone noticed. I simply cannot believe how fabulous you made our event. It was more than the icing on the cake, it was the top layer as well. Warwick, I would not think of using anyone else as MC after having you. I am deeply indebted to you for a magnificent job and would highly recommend you to others.
Hannah Jordan, Economic Development Officer, Manningham City Council   

After your previous work for us, I had high expectations.  You not only met those expectations, but exceeded them significantly.  The way you were able to take what seemed like a 10 minute casual chat with myself about some of the key issues our company is facing and then thread those issues throughout the day in a way that had everyone nodding in agreement and feeling that you had a complete understanding of what we are going through was fantastic.  The day gave us some significant action items to improve the way we manage and coach our teams. Thanks again for an incredibly valuable day.
Steve Maritz, Managing Director, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals     

Warwick was engaged at short notice to be MC for our conference when the other MC had a clash of dates. Turned out Warwick was exactly what we needed to kick off the event and keep it going at a great pace throughout the day. The delegates loved him, he kept us all entertained and when one of our presenters didn’t turn up, he filled the gap without blinking an eye. Truly a professional I will be hiring Warwick again and encourage you to consider him for your events too.
Truly worthwhile! Kathy Thomas, Conference Organiser, Australian VA Convention  

I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did as MC for our AHRI Breakfast Club event. In particular I appreciated the way you kept me informed prior to the event and your early arrival. As the organiser it gave me one less thing to worry about! Your ice breaker was perfect. It was a load of fun and directly linked to our brand in a way I could have never imagined. It was so easy to deal with you and you really contributed to the success of the event. Warwick I highly recommend your MC services and look forward to using you again in the near future.
Dana Grgas, Manager, Development and Research, Australia Human Resources Institute  

Warwick Merry Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Warwick Merry's Biography

Warwick Merry is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and the Past National President of Professional Speakers Australia - with more than 20 years working as a Speaker and Event Host/MC he knows what it takes to truly engage an audience, no matter what the modality.

Warwick also has spent over 10 years working in the IT industry, so he knows how important it is to take advantage of the benefits technology offers while not letting it take advantage of you.

Warwick works with Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs to help them better Engage, Energise and Inspire people, regardless of their modality.

Whether you are presenting online, face to face, one on one or to a large crowd, Warwick can show you how to retain your authenticity and simultaneously project a strong message to your audience. Are you ready for the next step?

Master of Ceremonies

 Be it from improvised notes at informal functions to fully scripted major events, Warwick is a Master MC.  He has hosted intimate touring groups up to international audiences of over 2,000 people.  A background in theatre, television and radio, as well as over 15 years in the corporate world, have given him the skills to keep an audience entertained, energised and engaged.

Inspirational Speaker
An internationally accredited Certified Speaking Professional, Warwick has spoken in Germany, Denmark, Sri Lanka, UAE, China, USA and Australia. He has motivated and inspired thousands of people through his keynote addresses, workshops and programs. His presentations are appropriate, relevant, inspirational and motivational.

Exhibiting Expert
As a product ambassador, Warwick spent over 12 months at a permanent trade show in Dallas, Texas. He has exhibited all over Europe, the USA and Australasia. He now offers client training in delivering significant increases in qualified leads and market exposure, both nationally and internationally.

Author and Writer
Warwick is a contributing author to the best-selling book Agents of Action, as well as the author of his own book Get More Inspiration. He is a regular contributor to the Indian business magazine, CYCBTH, the London-based Family Business Owner magazine as well as other industry magazines.

Personal insight

Singing with the a cappella group, Mood Swing, and motor cycle riding are favored leisure pursuits. Along with wife, Samantha, Warwick enjoys fine food, theatre, music and travel.  They also generously offer philanthropic support to many organisations, including Loving Autism, Relay for Life, Emerald Girls Night In (a Cancer Council fund raiser), TRY Australia, Rotary and the m.a.d woman Foundation.

Speaking Topics Include

The Psychology of Success
Based on Warwick’s research and experience with his mentoring clients and past consulting work, real business success comes from 7 key factors. Discover what these keys are and learn from the mistakes of other businesses. Full of easy to implement ideas, this session will leave you inspired and energised to Get More Business Success for yourself and your business.

Be a Goal Getter, not just a Goal Setter
Sick of writing lists of goals that rarely come to pass?  Want to know one simple thing it takes to Get your Goals? Then this is the session for you.  It is full of straight forward, no nonsense ways to Get your Goals and enjoy more success in your personal and professional life.

Get More Energy
The current demand on our people is high.  We need to get more and more done with less – less time and less resources.  How do you maintain a high level of energy in a healthy manner?  How can you remain focussed on what needs to be done without caffeine, energy drinks and other short term stimuli? In this session, find easy steps to build an energy supply in your life.  One that is sustainable for the long term.  Discover how removing energy drains from your day helps you Get More Results and feel fabulous about who you are and what you are working to achieve.

Get More Face to Face Sales
Too often the sales team and internal sales team lack confidence in getting “the basics” right. This session re-establishes the foundations of a successful sales person as well as showing some of the secrets to being an outstanding sales person. Whether you sell low priced consumables or high value and long lead time sales deals, you will walk away with some great tools for your sales tool kit. 

Get More from Change
Sometimes we get change thrust upon us, sometimes we willingly alter our habits and ourselves. This session looks at change. What is it? How do we do it? What if we don’t like it? How do we deal with it? How will it help me? Wherever you are at with change in your life, both personally and professionally, this session will show you how to easily Get More from Change.

Other Workshops developed by Warwick

  • Your next 100 days –  Get More results by increasing your focus and energy
  • Ignite your Inner Self– Be authentic, let yourself shine and you will BE more
  • Body Image –  Don’t let what you think stop you from achieving what you want
  • Get More Time –  Simple ways to structure your workflow and Get More Time
  • Get More from VCE –  How to remain focussed and driven on a 2 year project
  • Make your Business Recession Proof –  Keeping sales up when times are down
  • Keeping Up when the Market is Down –  Attitude and how yours counts
  • Strategic Reviews –  Two days looking at how to get where you want to go
  • Increase Sales from Better Service –  How looking after your guests adds $ to you
  • Service Recovery –  Dealing with complaints and making more loyal customers
  • Selling From the Floor – Engaging your customer to the point of commitment