Victoria has been hit with the worst of the coronavirus pandemic compared with any other Aussie state, experiencing four lockdowns.

Sheedy partnered with Enthral to share a love letter in hopes of reviving the passion for his home state Victoria.

“Victoria is still the jewel in Australia’s crown, but everywhere I look, whether it be on the news or social media, all I see is negativity towards our great state,” he said.

“The Botanic Gardens, Olympic Boulevard, the Shrine, MCG and a magnificent cultural and arts centre, spread-eagled by the best restaurants in Australia; that’s what I love about Victoria and Melbourne.

“Love conquers everything – even a pandemic.”


Link to Kevin’s Love Letter to Victoria: click here


In January 2019 Kevin was awarded an Order of Australia for his distinguished service to Australian Football as a senior coach, and to education and employment programs for young people. A remarkable coach and gifted speaker, Kevin is a great addition to any conference agenda.