“If your employees are injured and unhealthy, all other goals get harder to reach. Creating a world-class safety culture requires not only expertise, planning, and prioritization, but most importantly requires visible leadership support, and an eye on leading indicators.”


After 19 different roles at the Walt Disney World Companies Dan finished his career as Vice President, Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida leading 12,000 cast members at the largest theme park in the world.


Dan outlines the Disney approach to building a culture of excellence that leads to world class leadership and customer service. Work teams mirror sports teams. There are workhorses, superstars, unsung heroes, introverts, extroverts, big and small egos. You are not there to lead these teams. You are there to work for them, guide them and make sure they are successful individually and as a group.


He explains that professional athletes and corporate athletes experience the same mental and emotional stresses; however, their approach is much different. Professional athletes train 95% of the time and compete 5% of the time. Those of us in business do the opposite.


Dan creates a framework that fosters empowerment and employee engagement. He delivers an interactive and conversational format in his presentations sharing leadership insights and real life experiences from his various roles at Disney.


Dan’s virtual keynotes are so insightful and informative and have received excellent feedback from those lucky enough to experience them.


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