Gemma Acton is the Network Finance Editor at 7 News – the most-watched news service in Australia – where she presents the latest financial and business news to audiences across the entire country.


Having worked across finance and broadcast media for more than two decades, Gemma’s expertise and professionalism places her perfectly to deliver insights to the challenging economy, finance and business landscape we’re currently experiencing.


With global and national issues such as the uncertainty of war in Ukraine, diplomatic China tensions, unprecedented floods on the east coast of Australia, global inflation concerns to a looming federal election Gemma is extremely busy delivering the latest business and financial news to keep us informed.


On a daily basis Gemma interviews chief executives, company founders, fund managers and industry experts – as well as everyday Australians – to understand how changes in our economy and society affect all of us.


Gemma’s Business, Economics and Finance presentation pairs her primary focus of domestic financial issues and their formative effect on the everyday Australian together with her global financial expertise accrued from spending eighteen years abroad, to bring a unique perspective of Australia’s financial position on the world stage. Gemma tailors this keynote speech to suit the specific interests of the audience – be that the domestic or international economy, international financial markets or domestic household finances – ensuring she delivers a mix of historical and topical content and can incorporate graphics to augment her presentation.


Gemma also delivers an Industry Overview presentation where her day job requires her to keep a close eye on developments – and keep in close contact with those making headlines – in the key industries that underpin Australia’s economy with everything from fashion to farming falling within her remit. Gemma’s broad view of the industries that keep our society and businesses ticking along enables her to make meaningful contributions to industry-specific events by contextualising the industry in question within the scope of the wider economy.


Gemma’s professionalism, warmth and expertise make her a sought-after MC, facilitator and keynote speaker for corporate events and conferences, specific industry and association events.


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