Hayley Lewis has been encouraging workers and employers to ensure their workplaces are mentally healthy with the help of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WorkSafe),

“Mental health impacts everything and everyone. Sadly, often we don’t realise just how bad it really is until we suffer or experience a tragedy.” In March 2023, Hayley worked with Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace, to launch a new mental health workplace code to address the psychological health risks at work, the first of its kind in Australia to be legally enforceable.

Hayley presents on a range of topics including:

Adaptation Tips for adapting to changes in work and life which may be causing stress, anxiety and doubt

Hayley burst onto the scene as a 15-year-old schoolgirl, capturing the hearts of Australians by winning 5 Gold medals at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games. Backing up a year later, she went on to become one of Australia’s youngest ever World Champions by winning the 200m freestyle at the Perth World Championships.

In 1992, at her first Olympics in Barcelona, Hayley brought home a Silver and a Bronze followed by more medals at the 93 Pan Pacific, the 1994 Commonwealth Games, 95 Rome World Championships and the 96 Atlanta Olympics.

Hayley shares her successful sporting and entrepreneurial business career along with all the challenges and hurdles along the way in an honest and heartfelt way in her keynotes.

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