By Jason Kidger

Dr Lauren Burns is passionate about sharing practical strategies to bring structure, balance and energy into lives, careers and businesses.

As a qualified health professional, Lauren combines her experience in elite sport, health and nutrition with her Doctoral research in lifestyle, mindset and interpersonal relationships, to assist you in finding your own personal rhythm, clarity and road-map for any life stage.

Her genuine passion for inspiring and empowering participants shines through with her down-to-earth storytelling and evidence-based tips for achieving optimal well-being and high-performance living. Her ability to captivate audiences with relatable anecdotes and practical strategies is what sets her apart.

She has a PhD in Athlete Lifestyle and Mindset and works closely with the Australian Institute of Sport, both with the Gold Medal Ready program and their research institute.

Elevating Potential

In this tailored keynote, audiences will learn about:

  • Transforming Lauren’s Olympic and life experiences into practical life strategies
  • Lauren’s ‘Cycle of Lifestyle’ and how this impacts  performance, mindset, relationships, and overall well-being
  • Practical strategies to bring structure, balance and energy
  • The importance of interpersonal relationships for well-being, stress management, and peak performance.
  • PLUS Audience participation through taekwondo moves, concluding with one person breaking a board on stage.

Dr Lauren Burns OAM delivers powerful, engaging, and life-changing presentations

Lauren’s bio can be found here

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