Nick McKenzie is a multi-award-winning investigative journalist for leading newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He’s presented major investigations for the ABC’s Four Corners and 7:30, 60 Minutes and the Australian Financial Review.

Nick McKenzie is a captivating story teller and presenter who is passionate about giving vulnerable people a voice. He works closely with whistleblowers and is an advocate for better laws to protect their critical role exposing corruption and wrongdoing.

A fourteen time winner of the Walkley Award, Australia’s highest journalism honour, and four time Australian Journalist of the Year, Nick McKenzie is a leading Australian investigative journalist who works for newspapers Melbourne’s The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He’s also presented major investigations for the ABC’s Four Corners and 7:3060 Minutes and the Australian Financial Review.

With 20 years’ experience, Nick’s investigations span foreign affairs, defence and national security, corporate wrongdoing, politics, organised crime and corruption, the criminal justice system and social affairs. His work has sparked many national and state inquires, including Royal Commissions and parliamentary inquiries, prompted investigations in Australia, the US and Britain into corruption and led to significant legislative change.

Nick is the author of Crossing the Line – An explosive exposé and testament to the power of investigative journalism. For five years, McKenzie waged an epic fight for the truth to be acknowledged, persuading special forces soldiers to reveal dark secrets about the murders of prisoners and civilians involving Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith.

Nick is also a highly skilled event host, panel facilitator and panellist. His expertise as a speaker lends himself to a vast range of presentation options for your next event.


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By Jason Kidger